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Cecchetti vs. other methods

Guest jballet

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Guest jballet

Both studios I attended growing up used the Cecchetti method with the exams and everything. My question is: how do you feel about Cecchetti vs. other methods? Also at both studios I attended, students were allowed to start Cecchetti at age eight, if they were very advanced, or most of the time nine. What is a good age to start a training program like that?

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I believe very strongly that it is not the method, it is the teaching. All of the methods have a very good syllabus, but it's HOW it is taught that matters.


That said, I don't personally believe in set exercises, repeated over and over until "perfect", just to pass an exam. I don't feel that this trains the dancer to have the versatility, the ability to pick up combinations and choreography, or the freedom of movement in space and in the upper body that is needed to make a well rounded dancer. It is fine, to a point, in the lower levels, however, some freedom needs to be used there too. If they always do exactly the same arm and head with everything, it becomes so habitual that any variety in choreography will be difficult. It often creates a look that is "set", as opposed to one of fluidity and graceful motion. However, that too is in the teaching! A wonderful teacher will do a wonderful job no matter which method they use! :cool2:

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