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How do adults keep in training over the summer?


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OK its summer now (we do things upside down here), the dance schools are closed for 2 months, the teachers are away with the kids in summer intensives, undergoing further training themselves, or having a well-earned rest. Which leaves me (and other adults) staring at our day jobs and wondering how to keep in shape - because we know how quickly we'll deteriorate. So I can go to the gym and work myself to destruction (but that wont be ballet-specific), or give myself a "class" with all the attendant problems. How do other adults deal with this problem? Are there any recognised web sites or other places where we can get some advice or that have self-training programs set out to help us through the summer?


Any suggestions would be gratefully welcomed. Going away to a summer camp or intensive, even if they existed for us - which they dont here - is of course not practical for multiple reasons (eg lack of ability, necessity to be near our day job, etc).



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Oh my goodness--no classes at all for 2 months?


Where I go there are breaks of a few weeks but there are other places in town for classes (went to one such place this past weekend and the teacher looked at me and said "that time of year again, right?")


I might opt for a program of stretch/conditioning/Pilates, ideally in a class setting but otherwise at home.

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I had wondered - I'll be meeting members of my school in a few days time and will suggest it (the teachers will be there too) - but things shut down so much over the summer here that I guess it wont be practical - even if we could get a teacher, the numbers would be too small because so many people go away. Or maybe we could get a newly starting teacher who would be happy to take a few of us through our paces. Anyway, many thanks for your suggestion.



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Our summer “vacation” lasts about 6 weeks. Typically, I used to do my own class at home 2-3 times a week, usually emphasizing things I couldn’t do particularly well. During the school year, I always did my own classes, so doing them over the vacation period was not a big deal. In the last couple of years, however, I’ve taken a complete rest from ballet. My mind seemed to like doing that as I got more and more experienced.


I’ve always exercised throughout the year, so during the vacation, I just exercised more. My exercise is dance related, a mix of running, weight training, Pilates, floor barre, rope skipping, medicine ball and a lot of stretching.

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I'm facing the same problem. There are many fantastic things about Australia, but the range of adult ballet classes is not one of them. If you work something out, let me know as I just don't think my carpeted apartment is conducive anything more than plies!



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Guest sally-mandy

You've probably seen other posts about the range of ballet-inspired videos out there, with accompanying advice from our forum leaders about how and how not to use them.


Where I live the range of classes is not great, either. I know that with videos and re-beginners or beginners, there's the risk of reinforcing bad habits at home. Unfortunately I don't get a lot of correction in my classes so I may be reinforcing bad habits there anyway. Given my options, I made the strategic decision to supplement my classes with videos and take the risks--while looking for better class options.


Tried a new video tonight that I like very well so far. Ballet Workout with Melissa Lowe. Has two levels and even the beginner is good. Does exercises to both sides which not all do. Her form is so wonderful and the exercises are good, if not aerobic. 80 minutes or so total if you do both levels.


I also depend on the NYC Ballet workout.


Good luck.

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You think 2 months is bad? Last summer we were off for almost THREE months!(Don't know how the kids get on, but that's way too long for me!)


In all we only do ballet for 30 weeks out of 52 (3 x 10-week terms with the longest break from July to October)


Not unusual for the UK, sadly - and school terms are around 12 weeks, so I don't even get the reason for it! Only thing I can come up with is that people can't afford to pay for 12 weeks?



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Don't you think the Christmas break (northern hemisphere) is worse, though - the weather's too grim to go out for a walk or run, and the house is full of mince pies and chocolate.

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