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Smaller competitive school vs. big residency


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It seems to me that the dance world in Canada is undergoing changes. I have always thought that it would be better for a serious student to attend one of the big company-associated schools. What I notice, though, is that some of our country's top principal dancers have received all of their training at smaller local studios. Also, some dancers have received training locally that has allowed them to join large American or European companies. Many graduates of the company schools are not finding jobs.


I think that to become a professional dancer these days, one must have great technique, but also a unique presence, and I wonder if this presence is not best cultivated through competition. I am speaking of the large, international ballet competitions. These competitions also seem to be one way to get one's self noticed by companies. I think that the structure of some of the smaller schools allows for more one-on-one coaching, etc, to better prepare students for competition, while competiton experience from an early age gives the student the confidence they need to excel later. I'm sorry my thoughts on this are so scattered. Can anyone offer clarity? :lol:

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