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Romeo & Juliet or Le Corsaire

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Le Corsaire is so action packed. The plot is intricate for a ballet and is enjoyable to watch. Romeo and Juliette is a timeless romantic ballet though and the Dance of the Knights is classic. I have the DVD of American Ballet Theatre's Le Corsaire but I have not seen them perform Romeo and Juliette. Because Le Corsaire is my favorite ballet, I have tickets to see ABT on tour in Chicago. I can't wait.

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That's a tough choice, as they are so vastly different. Le Corsair is jam packed with bravura technique and lots of stars, and R&J is a romantic story beautifully told in dance, but without the showy stuff. I guess if you can only do one of them, it would depend on the age of your dancer and what you think would capture her attention more. Probably Corsair, but, some teens really go for the love story too. :unsure:

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For me, much would depend upon who was scheduled to be performing. If I was unable to know and had to make a decision, I would choose Romeo and Juliet. Le Corsaire is fine, it's fun and it's swashbuckling, but I prefer Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is stunning in its comparitive "simplicity" and, yet, it has great depth. :unsure:


These are such completey different sorts of ballets.


Oops, Victoria Leigh and I were posting at the same time! I believe my daughter was between12 and 13 when we saw them both. She loved Romeo and Juliet.

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Whoohoo! I'm hiding our R&J tix in anticipation of a spectacular stocking stuffing later this month! Shhhh. It's a secret. LOL. We'll go to Kennedy Center in Feb.

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ABT will be doing a split---a mixed rep for a couple days and then Romeo and Juliet for a couple days at the beginning of February in Washington, D.C. They will be in Cleveland in the middle of March performing Le Corsaire. On ABT's website, it states that casting has yet to be determined. We live within a reasonable drive to both cities. The most logical :) approach would be to attend both; I'm not sure that will be feasible, however.

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DS - at 14 - would choose Romeo and Juliet. He really likes the romantic ballets. Not sure if this is an age thing or the fact that the style of dancing is more like his own style.

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I've seen ABT do both, and although I enjoyed both immensely, I ultimately liked Le Corsaire better. It may have been the amazing cast...but I'm not sure. I had the priveledge of seeing Carlos Acosta, Michele Wiles and Marcelo Gomes dance in Le Corsaire....and the amount of energy and fire that was brought to stage was incredible. I really enjoyed Romeo and Juliet as well- it's heart wrenching and I most definitely cried....so I guess it depends on your personality and what you like in ballets. You can't go wrong.

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I would see Romeo and juliet the story is great and the acting is amazing. I just cannot listen to the prokoviev score too many times.

Male dancing in Corsaire is great. So depends on what you want to see.

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Guest balletandsynchro

I vote for Romeo and Juliet. Prokofiev's score is my #1 favorite! Also, I think it is my personal favorite ballet. DD loves Romeo and Juliet as well, and added the score to her iPod! :D

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I'm seeing Le Corsaire on April 2 in Chicago. Did they already post casting?

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