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Unsure About Training

Guest beginballet15

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Guest beginballet15

I've been reading around a bit, and I realize there are exceptions and not everyone is the same, but there has to be a cut off at some point.


I'm 15 and I've just started basic pointe work, my ballet school is well, sorely lacking in seriousness and preparation for the real dance world. So far, it's the most my family can afford without going totally bankrupt to support my dancing. If I were to go into a more professional studio, would I ever have a chance of making it somewhere in the dance profession ?

Wow, that sounds really vague. I guess, what I mean in a less round a bout way is, even if I worked a few hours every day, there would be no way to catch up now, would there ? :devil:






BTW: Has anyone heard of Garden State Ballet, and could anyone tell me if thier program is a reputable one ?


Thanks a ton. : :unsure:

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beginballet, I just responded to your first post, on the Welcome Forum. This one, which was on Pointe Shoe Forum, is really a Young Dancers question, not a shoe topic :unsure:


The question of whether you can catch up or not depends on two huge factors, your talent, and your training. However, it won't happen without the best training, no matter how much talent you have. So, you have to get to a serious school. I do not know who the teachers are now at Garden State, but it has a good reputation from the past. I would hope that it is still a good school. At your age you will need daily training in technique and pointe.

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beginballet15, I grew up at Garden State Ballet back in the 1960s and 1970s. As Ms. Leigh has already said, at that time it had a very fine reputation as a school and a company. Since the death of the AD Fred Danieli, almost 10 years ago, there is not much information out there about the school now. Previously some very well known dancers and teachers grew up in that school/company. I have tried to google the school however it does not seem to have a website. The only thing that comes up is the past. Sorry.

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Knock knock, I'm a parent not a young dancer - but one of the JKO school kids is a friend of my daughter, and learned at Garden State. She is awesome!

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Great! Thanks for the link. It is nice to hear the School is still doing well. It is quite a different place now, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I look forward to seeing and hearing more. :)

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