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how can i get my feet stronger

Guest babyblueygirl

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Guest babyblueygirl

Hi I am new to this site. I am 15 and I have been doing ballet since I was 10. For the first time this summer I did not do any ballet since I was thinking about quitting. When school started I went back to ballet class but I was not as strong or good as I used to be. My ankles feel so weak and sometimes crack when I am en pointe. I am worried that if my feet don't get stronger I can injure myself. I really want to continue yet I am getting discouraged that I won't be able to get as good as I was before the summer. I have tried doing more classes and releves yet my feet hurt even more. I feel like the more work I do the more my feet hurt. Although this used to happen to me occasionally in class now it has become a serious problem. Do you have any suggestions of ways that I can get stronger? Any advice?!?

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How do your feet hurt? Is it muscularly or your skin? Did you start back slowly trying to build up or did you just go in and begin as if you never stopped? Have you discussed your difficulty with your teacher? Does your teacher know you took the summer off?


The only way to build back the necessary strength is to work hard, eat well and make sure you get enough rest, if you are healthy. If you have consistent pain, maybe you should see a doctor?

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I think I am going to get in trouble for replying before all of the moderators, but I feel that the way my feet got stronger the fastest was a ton of work with heavy therabands. This really helped.

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Guest babyblueygirl

My feet hurt muscularly. I guess the problem was that I did try to start back where I was assuming that I was as strong as I used to be. I've seen other dancers using the therabands so I'll definitely try them. Thanks:)

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