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I was in modern class the other day and I stepped on something that stuck to the bottom of my foot. I picked it up to move it and realized it was someone's fake nail. Gross


Then it happened again.


And i realized that this new girl in class not only had fake fingernails, but fake toenails as well.




She lost a fingernail during the floor section of our adage. She lost a toenail when we were coming across the floor.


I didn't know fake toenails were possible. They're definately not practical!


Then yesterday, I was in ballet class. My teacher gave us this BEAUTIFUL grande allegro that finished with 2 saute de basques, a chaine, then a lunge with the arms in second arabesque. I LOVE saute de basques.


I finished my chaine, lunge, then realize my new knit shorts were 'round my knees.


It was the most graceful thing I've done all week :(

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Seamonkey, you made me laugh, the fake nail situation is really gross though. First of all i was expecting you to say it was a plaster or something :green:


I have had an off week at ballet, every now and then that happens. Just when things seem to be going so well :innocent:


Im not sure but it could be slightly due to a time of the month issue but ive been really off balance, pirouettes have been awful and my brain will just not remember the combinations :sweating:


It is really annoying that it keeps happening, is it just me or does everyone find they have this once in a while?

To make it worse, there was only two of us at the first class i had on Wednesday and you know what that means - no hiding at the back and muddling your way through, not that i like to do this but on one of those days sometimes it just will not sink in and its not that im not trying or bothered.

And sometimes i forget that im in class with students who have had years more training, so not only am i learning the basics but also the more advanced stuff too, while most others have the basics ingrained from years of practice.

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Im not sure but it could be slightly due to a time of the month issue but ive been really off balance, pirouettes have been awful and my brain will just not remember the combinations :innocent:


It is really annoying that it keeps happening, is it just me or does everyone find they have this once in a while?


Yep, I have this problem too - thought it was just me! I've recently realised that whenever I have a "bad" class it is always coming up to THAT time.... :-)



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Hi Jane,

It is awful though because then you dread those times and im sure that it causes extra tension, im usually much more sensitive and emotional too, i give myself a hard time :devil:


At least next week should be better for me!!

I dont suppose there is anything we can do about this?

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IIIIIICCCKKKK, this is gross, false toenails in dance class. That's just....incredible. We sometimes have such class, the best one was, when my teacher bursted out in tears laughing because of the funny face I made because I fell out of rythme while doing déboulés.

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That time??? LOL! I'm just the opposite. During "that time" I'm rock steady. Developes and arabesques in center? No problem. :devil: It is weird that that happens. :)

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So last night, we did a combination involving a tour jete landing with the arms in second arabesque.


I landed with the arms a la seconde, so my teacher corrected me.


Next time around, I'm focusing on my arms, a lot.


I do my tour jete and somehow managed to punch myself in the eye :)



Of course, this would normally be a thing one would keep to themselves out of embarassment, but I was laughing so hard they all made me explain myself.

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Not too long ago, we were doing small combinations across the floor consisting of a simply saute, chasse, saute...switching legs each time. For some reason, some mental block would not permit me to get beyond the second one. I would stall out (probably thinking too much) and have to start again. Then, for some reason, once I was nearly across the floor my legs took over and a grand jete popped out of nowhere? Miss Dorothy was like, "where did that come from?" Then she winked at me. Actually I just screwed up...yet again.

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When I am dehydrated or it is "that time" I could literally fall asleep at the barre feeling weak and just tired. My brain does not work well then either and I have a hard time concentrating.

One time I was so tired I slipped during grand allegro and -boom- landed on my derriere. Very graceful.

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Last term I was trying to do brisees, but I am completely useless at them. I smashed my ankles together so hard that they were bruised for a week... Very cool!!


I haven't tried brisees again!!

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Want to know when you've truly improved and developed...watch a total newbie. :D As yesterday was our first class of the new term, we had a new student. A boy who obviously has never taken ballet before. At barre, I was first in line followed by him. We were going through our usual barre work first on the left and then on the right. We'd pivot between each directional change, so, during some combinations I'd be behind him. It is a good thing, because try as I might it was very difficult to not smile and/or correct him. He had this odd jerky look and his portabras looked like chicken wings or straight lines with a right angle at the wrist. The concept of turn out totally illuded him, thus his passe looked like a flamingo resting on one leg, knee forward.


I know we all start somewhere and I'm not making fun. It was just humorous all in the same but sort of neat to know how far you've come in comparison (for the record, I was not that bad as a beginner). :wink:

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My moments of "whaaaat?" usually involve trying to take in and execute some combination. It's always worst being a beginner, because you have to find and reach that threshold where you internalize the art enough to call yourself a ballet dancer :pinch:

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