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worried about little sister!

Guest ballet_sugar_pointe

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Guest ballet_sugar_pointe

I'm really worried about my little sister, i was wondering if you could give any advice. She is 10 years old, petite and extremely strong technically.

She takes 4 1hr ballet sessions a week plus 1 hr pre-pointe, 1/2 hr of jazz and 1/2 hour of tap. She is very high up grade-wise for her age and is very graceful.

I'm very afraid though that because of how good she is, she is becoming conceitful, when i've watched her in class if she gets a compliment she'll rub it in anyone's faces!

Also lately she has been saying to me I may as well quit ballet as she is 5 years younger and one grade below!

The most shocking thing though is that when the teacher left for 5 days to go to France for a funeral she shouted at another dance teacher that it wasnt fair on her training and they were being selfish!


I don't know what to do to stop her becoming a stubborn, stuck up ballerina. My mum says she should cut down on lessons but ballet is her life!

Any advice?

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"You know, it really says something about someone when there's a death, and they wish to upstage the corpse!" Try that one on her. :(

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This is a job for your parents and the teachers, not you! This child needs to get her head on straight very quickly, or she's not going anywhere in ballet. I don't care how talented they are, if they are brats, no one is interested in working with them. In this case it sounds like the teachers have created this by allowing a 10 year old to be a "star pupil". :(

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I'm shocked at how that happened to, but just like Ms. Leigh, It is not up to you. Sooner or later she will she that this approach will not get her what she wants, but it is not up to you to make her see that. She will over time.

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Mom here. Alot of times peers take care of their own; they won't tolerate this behavior for long and she will quickly find herself cast out, lonely, and alone. Not a pleasant place to be for a young girl.

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