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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share the news that I got today. I got a job!! A national tour. I'm so excited.

What does this have to do with BT? Well, in the end, it came down to which singers were the best dancers, and my ballet classes have totally paid off! I had to do it in my character shoes, but I'm so glad I had an idea what was going on. The combo was Balances, saute arabesque, to a tour jete, to pique turns to an attitude turn to an asemble to a cabriole, tombe pas de boure glissade grande jete. ( I think that's it..) (my grande jete is pathetic) but there ya go! I did it well enough to get the tour. I guess I can give details in PM... anyway, I may be in your city next year!

Hopefully, I'll get to dance a bunch in the show and stay in great shape. We also did lots of tapping!

Ok, just had to share.


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Singer, that is AWESOME!! Congrats! As someone with a roommate who is trying to make it on B'way I can say that a national tour is an amazing accomplishment!



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Thanks guys!!!

Ash, I wonder if I know your roomie!

the goal is to bring the show into NY, but who knows what will happen. :clapping:

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congrats! that's wonderful!

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brilliant news, maybe you could post here during the tour - if you get a few minutes? It would be really good to hear how its going? :innocent:

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the goal is to bring the show into NY, but who knows what will happen.  :innocent:


Well if you do, I will definitely come to see it!!

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Yo yo yo!


I just wanted to come in here and add something! I've already said my congrats, but I wanted to add that these stories are inspirational... Lately a few people I know have come across dance/acting/singing/dance teaching/etc jobs, and these are fabulous stories to hear. Really, truly inspirational.


So, thanks for sharing, and once again, congrats!



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SingerWhoMoves...that's so exciting! A tour like that must be really exhausting. I bet all the performers find fun ways of keeping each other laughing and the spirits up! I'd love to know what show it is.

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