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Glute Streches


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For a while, I have had tightness in my glute muscles. I know that is a good sign but I want to find out about some streches so the muscles don't cramp up. Any suggestions?

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I'm a little nonplussed about why tightness in the glutes would be a good thing, but perhaps as contrasted with feeling nothing at all?


This is really a technical and not a medical question, so I'm moving it over to Young Dancers.


I had a teacher who used to say that the best glute stretch was to quit sitting on them so much. Anti-cramp stretches include the very simplest "hang-out", not even a cambré, where the student bends forward and just hangs, letting gravity do the work. Reducing the chance of cramps of all sorts includes dietary measures like keeping properly hydrated, and making sure that potassium and calcium levels are maintained with orange juice or banana.

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I stretch that I like is to sit on the ground and lay one leg bent out in front of at about a 90 degree angle I then place my other leg on top of that leg at another 90 degree angle, ankle on knee and knee on ankle. I then lean forward into to and put my arms on the floor. You should feel a good stretch on the outside of your glutes.


Just a little piece of advice, not all people can lay their legs flat like this on top of each other. It might take you a while to get to that point if your super tight.

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