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Grands Battement Derrière


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My teacher and I have been trying to work on my grands battement en cloche and when the right leg is doing grands battement derrière, the leg seems to be adequately rotated/turned out, but only to a certain point. After about 80 degrees, it seems to lose rotation. I know that the rotation is not that great with that leg, but it doesn't feel like I'm doing anything different on the other side (which is fine in terms of rotation all the way up to 95ish degrees). I can slightly improve under teacher observation with a bit of an extra 'push' for rotation, but it just makes everything else feel twisted in the upper body. I'm not sure if practicing lower battements would help? :innocent:

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Since derriere is specified, I'd almost put money that you need to lift out of the supporting hip more, and open the working hip more. You cannot maintain a "squared off" shoulders-to-hips box in doing extensions to the quatrieme derriere above about 45°.

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