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When I do the splits to the front I often feel a "popping" sensation in my hamstrings. It hurts a little bit, but if I adjust my position and go back into the splits it feels like whatever was popping has moved back into place. Is this something to worry about? I've been working on doing the splits with the heel of my front leg on a chair or couch to deepen the stretch and when I do that this "popping" sensation does not occur, is there a reason for that? Thank you.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, b07! :devil:


Since you are experiencing pain, I'd ease off on the splits for awhile. You may want to do more cambrés and jambe à la main stretches to stretch the hamstrings, but hold off on the splits until you can do them without pain.

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I think I have an idea of what you mean by the popping and pain when you do splits. This doesn't happen to me when I do splits, but when I put my leg on the barre to the front either staight or in attitude. I don't know a solution, but I just end up with my leg in a different but still correct position.

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In concert with an answer given to another question on the board, I'd be less worried about the stretch on the hamstring on the "leg-on-the-barre" stretch, and more concerned with stress coming in directions the supporting knee wasn't designed to withstand! If you can do those without putting lateral forces on your supporting knee, then you may be good to go!

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