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Losing Turn Out?


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For the past 2 weeks I have not had many classes because of the thanksgiving holiday and Nutcracker starting! I had thanksgiving, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Then I had class on Monday and I just took class yesterday. When I took class on Monday It didn't seem like I was out of shape at all, I was still turning good and it seemed like all of my turn out was there! But then when I took class yesterday, I felt like I lost a lot of my turn out since Monday! I don't understand how this could be because I have still been stretching everyday and doing my normal strengthening exercises and I even gave my self a bar on Wednesday!

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Were you performing Nutcracker during the week between the Mon. and Fri. class? Why were there no classes? Dancers do notice a difference with too much time out of class, but with only 3 days it would not be drastic. Probably you just had a bad day. :wink:

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