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Im 14 and starting dance....

Guest BalletBeauty0911

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Guest BalletBeauty0911

Hey everyone! I'm 14 and starting to dance. I started when i was 13 but took off for a while and now i'm gonna do it angain. Yay! have any tips or anything? Is it too late to dance? :wink:

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Hello BalletBeauty, welcome to the Young Dancers forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers. :wink:


It's never too late to start studying ballet, or any form of dance. However, we do strongly recommend that you find the best school in the area, and take as many classes as you can so that maybe you can catch up to students your age. :hyper:

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hi,just wanted to let you know i only started ballet when i was 14, and many people said i would never manage to get far with ballet, but this year i won the award in our studio for best prestige, which means i did better than any one else in the studio as far as exams are concerned. so if you have the will power, anything is possible!

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Ballet isn't just for people who have been dancing since age 2. It's never too late to find a passion. Just work hard, find a good school in your area, and never let anybody tell you that there's no point to a late start.


Best wishes!

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I started ballet when I was in 5th grade at a dolly dinkle dance studio. I didnt even know the difference between 3rd position and 5th position, and when the teacher said "turn out" i said "what does that mean?" But i worked really hard and the next year i auditioned for PNB school and thats where i am now (im in 7th grade now). And im not the best in my class, but ive come along way since fifth grade. You dont always have to be the best, and it doesnt matter how old you are as long as you work really hard and like it alot! Never feel you are too old to be doing something you love!! good luck.

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