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performance anxiety -- not dk's, ours!


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Well, this weekend was our final Nutcracker of the season , and inspired by many of you, after having started this thread, I decided to try a different approach. As I was sitting there waiting for the Snow scene and the second act, I thought -- why not just enjoy this?


After all, I finally realized that my worrying is not what is going to make the performance go well for my dk and her friends (just like I can't help fly an airplane!). I see that they have got things under control for themselves, and that is a very good thing!


So, yes, I did relax, if not completely.


To all out there with Nut performances still to come, enjoy!



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I do get nervous when DD is doing a solo. I don't think she ever gets nervous. I am better now, I use to be all full of butterflies when she was younger, everytime she stepped up on stage. I did feel that way last year when I took DD to her first SI audition. I sat out in the lobby and waited nervously. My nerves would get worse the closer to the end it got. She walked out all happy and excited, she loved every second of it. I am going to have to get use to driving around the Rice area, where the Houston Ballet is, since that is where most of the auditions in our area are. I can't keep sitting there waiting and I will be in really bad shape if I get lost and can't find my way back in time. :shrug:

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Guest balletandsynchro

I know, I know, I'm not dancing, she is! Yet here I am 2,400 miles away while hubby and synchro-daughter are there watching DD in both winter performance shows, and I'm STILL nervous! :shrug: Oh well, I did get a call that everything went great with the solo tonight! Only one more show, tomorrow night! :D

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