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late? am i?

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So i know that here must be a thousand same kind of questions but im gonna tell you my story. So im 16, i`ve danced ballet about 7 years, but i had a 3 year brake, and i started again a year ago. I have 3 or 4 hours a week, and im planning on taking at least 1 hour more after christmas, i have a private lesson once a month where we concentrate on the technique. I still have about 2 ½ years before im attending to any pre professional school. So do i have a change to get in? Do you have any tips for me? What to practice etc.?


Thank you


Sorry thats a little long...

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I am not familiar with the training system in Finland so it is difficult to advise you on how to proceed. In the US, the "pre-profressional" programs are all for students ranging from 10ish-19ish. Two and a half years from now, it would be difficult for you to be just entering a training prgram.


It sounds as if you are in need of more hours of study in order to pursue a career in ballet. Not knowing your level of study, it is difficult to advise you on what to study. Perhaps you could ask your teacher for further advise and a planned course to help you to attain your goals?

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yes, i knew i forgot something, actually i`ve thought of auditioning to a school that takes 17 to 23 year old students. So thats possible. I allso train by myself at my old school sometimes. In our balletschool we have 5 grades, and im on the fourth.

I take point about 2½ h a week.


by the way thank you for answering.

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