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Vaganova and a modern program? Need suggestions

Guest *my toes skim the stage*

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Guest *my toes skim the stage*

I am looking into ballet schools. They do not have to provide boarding facilities (as long as staying with a host parent is an option) but it would be a plus if they do. I want to go somewhere that is not primarily trained under the Balanchine method (Vagonova would the best method although not need). The school also needs to have a modern dance curriculum although I would not like that to be it's primary focus. Please help?!

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Have you checked out the schools that have been discussed here on this forum? Harid, NCSA, Walnut Hill, Nutmeg, Universal, etc.?

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Guest *my toes skim the stage*

I have ruled out Harid due to some first hand information. I have been accepted to Walnut Hill year round in the past but I'm afraid it's too pricey. Nutmeg seems to have a very strong Vagonova program. Haven't looked at UBA yet...it's all just so overwhelming!

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I might not understand your question and please do correct me if I am wrong. The North Carolina School of the Arts is split up into Ballet and Modern. Ballet students are accepted as soon as 8th grade and the modern program begins in the 10th grade. All modern students take ballet class and are split up into different ballet levels so that the more advanced do not have to be in the same class as students that might be taking there first ballet class. Ballet Students begin taking modern starting in 11th grade. NCSA is a great program and I highly recommend it. NCSA is free of cost to all North Carolina residents that have lived in the state for more that a year and out of state tution I believe is around $16,000. I suggest looking at the other NCSA forums. If you have any other questions about the school feel free to ask me.


btw I am an NCSA student in my 2nd year for ballet

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