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Stretch for glutes


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This was asked on a young persons board, but since I'm not a young person I wont say anything there. If the moderator wants to move it over that'd be a good idea. I was waiting for someone to follow it up but no-one did.


The following was given as a stretch for the glutes. Its not particularly effective, because, with the legs out to the side, the tension is taken off the glutes before you start:


Quote: "A stretch that I like is to sit on the ground and lay one leg bent out in front of at about a 90 degree angle I then place my other leg on top of that leg at another 90 degree angle, ankle on knee and knee on ankle. I then lean forward into to and put my arms on the floor. You should feel a good stretch on the outside of your glutes."


Much better (see "Dancing Longer, Dancing Stronger" by Andrea Watkins and Priscilla M Clarkson, a Dance Horizons Book, Fig. 15.13b) is to sit like that but bring the knees together so that one knee is as directly over the other knee as possible. The left foot will then be on the right side of the body and the right foot will be on the left side of the body. Lean over the foot that belongs to the knee that is on top. Try to reach out across the floor on that side. Repeat on other side with legs crossed other way. This is a powerful stretch for the gluts and piriformis among others.



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They can see it here. There is no lockout of young dancers being able to see the adult boards. Thanks for the input, and for honoring the Young Dancers' privacy. :yes:

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