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Falling during performance


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*knock knock*


I almost wiped out last night during the Flowers finale. We're doing it with 4 people instead of the usual 5 and I have extra ground to cover during a tricky turning seqence. I went to pique into soutenu and didn't get all the way onto pointe, so my foot slid right out from under me. I was right in front, and heard an audince member exclaim "oh boy" or something to that effect. It was actually kinda funny, and I recovered easily.


I hope I didn't look panic-stricken. I have no idea what my face did.



Those audience members! I was dancing in a modern show and the girl heading it up basically turned my solo into a contortion piece. We were dancing with a full orchestra, which was on stage, so we had to dance on the lip, so the audience was really close. I went into my chest stand (where you balance on your chin and kick your feet over your head) and some guy in the front yelled "JESUS!!!" really loudly and I tried to turn my head in that position and my feet, which were over my head went where I wasn't expecting. Luckily, I recovered, but geez! No screaming during solos!


I've never fallen during a show, but I've busted in dress rehearsal and in class several times. I get in trouble for cracking up laughing when I fall, so its probably best that I haven't fallen on stage :shrug:


When I played basketball, I did fall and slide so far that I wound up knocking out the entire score table.

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Well, preaching to the choir here, but if I may add to the examples others have already given...


At PNB we videotape every performance for our archives (including all 40 performances of Nutcracker). At our annual end-of-the-season company party, our Production Department makes a "Bloopers" tape which is shown on a big-screen with a hilarious running commentary and is always one of the highlights of the evening. There's never been a year when they didn't have enough material. Each tumble on the screen is greeted with laughter and applause by all the dancers and staff members...because we all know that it can happen to ANYONE.


In the 11 years I've been at PNB, many different company members (even some who've graced the covers of Dance and Pointe magazines) have been featured in at least one "oops." Also, in the early 80's, one of the few times PNB has ever brought in big-name guest artists, we had Gelsey Kirkland performing Odette/Odile in Swan Lake. She fell flat on her butt in the Black Swan pas de deux. (This was at one of the first, if not the very first, ballets I ever attended.) So tell your daughter that she's in very good company. As others have said, it's how they rally AFTER the fall that marks the true professionals. :clapping:

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Guest Elizabeth C.

My oldest was a Snow Queen in this year's Nutcracker production. There was two casts. Her friend in the other cast who played my daughter's part slipped on the snow and broke her foot in the first show. :) Needless to say, I was holding my breath the whole time my daughter was dancing and my husband heard me gasp when she fell. :wub:

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