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Is anyone familiar with Rider's dance program? I know they study at Princeton Ballet and that there is no audition to get into the program. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. DD just received a large scholarship to Rider but she doesn't know too much about their reputation as far as dance training goes.

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Princeton Ballet School is a very good and large (2nd largest in the US) ballet school. Visit www.arballet.org DD has been there for 6 years and went to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre for 2 SIs. She is now applying to colleges as a dance major, so far she has been accepted to Point Park.


Feel free to PM and I will put you in touch with my daughter. She'd be glad to answer any questions. :thumbsup:



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Would anyone be able to share information about Rider's dance program? My daughter attended auditions there and has been accepted as a Dance major, but unfortunately we didn't get a lot of information about their program on the audition day. She is looking for schools with ballet-based dance programs, and their affiliation with the Princeton Ballet is what drew her to look at the school and audition. She has already been accepted at Mercyhurst, and has her audition for Butler coming up this month. Rider gave her a sizeable scholarship which is making her take a second look. The original posts are very old, and I was just wondering if there is anyone who can provide more information about the caliber of their program.

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Any recent information regarding Rider?  I'd love to hear about the program.

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