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I Survived My First Performance

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Well, I survived my first performance, against all odds. We performed in a small but beautiful venue. We only had two panels of marley to dance on so one of my goals was simply to not fall off the stage :P . Sounds like an obvious and silly goal, but I have congenital cataracts, making the adjustment a little more challenging to me. Thankfully, the lighting was pretty dim, so the adjustment wasn't as bad as it could have been.


I'm pretty sure I was all cheese and no technique, but I'll take cheese for my first performance :( ; it means I overcame all sorts of fears and inhibitions by allowing myself to express the joy of the experience. I really just needed to get through my first performance before I could focus a whole lot on technique.


We have two more performances, on a full-sized stage this time. I feel a lot more at ease because I know a little more about what to expect. I'm excited. Backstage is exhilarating, the stage lights bring a strange comfort to me, and performing brings a new purpose and fulfillment to class. I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to perform.

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Hart, congratulations! It sounds wonderful, and don't worry about your technique. Expression is what really counts, and it sounds as if you showed plenty. :(

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Oh Hart, how wonderful - I hope you feel proud! I think you're amazing just for getting up on that stage. Best wishes for the next two - I hope you achieve everything you'd like to! :thumbsup:

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I believe I know hart in real life. If I'm correct, I can attest that she danced confidently and gracefully, and with a smile that radiated pure enjoyment. :(

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Thank you for the encouragement. I supposed I'm caught, but I'm not completely sure who you are. Do you happen to be the mother of E. and C.? If so, you looked lovely in your costume on Sunday.

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Yup, that's me. Thanks for the compliment.


I debated long and hard about whether to "out" you, as it were. In the end, I thought it wasn't fair for you NOT to know that someone who knows you was reading your posts. But, what do you -- and others -- think? Is it better to leave someone blissfully ignorant? Is the illusion of "privacy" a good thing or bad?


BTW, hart, I don't mind at all what you said on the other thread about the dancers with whom you work. I know the behavior of which you speak in that particular crew. I'm glad that neither of my kids are involved, but if they were -- I'd want to know!

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hart, congratulations!


Treefrog, I feel like you, that it wouldn't be fair to read someone's posts knowing who they were and not tell them who you are, or at least that you do.

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Congratulations also from me. You're lucky that you find stage lights comforting - I get nervous in a panicky sort of way. I hope the other performances go well!




(30 more hours until I run on; I'm already starting to get jittery...)

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