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Guest xxalicexx



my name is alice, - just stumbled across this site and figured that someone here might be able to help me!


let me give a little background first...


Im 20 years old, been dancing since i was 9 (all styles i could possibly fit into my schedule 3-5 times a week!) but mainly ballet which was allways my main style...

up untill about 2 years ago when i moved to london.


the stress of moving, getting settled with my job and whatnot made it hard to comit to classes.....


but now im here... living in london, settled in nicely and back at it after a 2 year break!

when i had initially started back i was taking elementary/intermediate level classes 4 times a week. - i had a talk with my instructor who seemed to think pointe was a very realistic and reachable goal that i should set for myself.


im not in a hurry to get there, i dance for the love of it... not for the hope of making it a profession...


unfotunately however, recently something has come up that has made it hard for me to attend classes for the next few months... I can only make class once a week twice if im really lucky.....


I must admit im a bit depressed over the matter, especially after the initial buzz of getting back into it after my break, setting goals for myself ect ect...

but i realise that at the time there is nothing i can do about it... and im just going to have to wait this out. =/


so my question is...


I knooow there is no real substitute for class time... but does anyone here know of any good ballet home training work out videos or even book based programs that i can use to at very least keep myself fit during my downtime??



thanks a million!!

(and sorry for being a bit long winded!)


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Alice, I'm certainly not going to disagree with your teacher! :( If she thinks that pointe is a reachable goal, then reachable it is. I have an adult student friend who started with no prior training at age 28, and is on pointe. She fits right in with girls half her age, and can become totally indistinguishable in a corps on pointe.


My own personal favorite for experienced dancers who want a home workout is the NYCB Workout. It's best used in conjunction with the hardcopy textbook which mirror the information, but in print. :P

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