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December Champagne couch


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I don't know if it quite deserves Champagne, but it made me feel really good yesterday.


Last week it suddenly clicked about how to work through the entire foot in jumps when taking off (rather than taking off and then pointing the foot) and suddenly my sautees and changement became really beautiful and effortlessy went so much higher. So much so that my teacher immediatly noticed and complemented me on them.


Not a major thing, but at 5 months into beginning again it felt good to get that back as jumps used to be my best thing.


I know it came from working really hard at articulating my foot in tendues because that's what it felt like.

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Oooh, I actually have something to add to this!! Last wednesday my teacher was watching my pirouettes, and said that the reason I was having problems was because my weight is too far forward. Now I find that funny, as normally my weight is very far back. After about five minutes of close observation, I did a really nice pirouette- just a single, but a nice one.


Then!! In my thursday class, I did a whole exercise with doubles all the way through!! I was so happy!! Thing is, I was never that hot at pirouettes when I was younger, but now I'm thinking that maybe I'm okay... Even pose turns were good.


Now let's see if I can repeat that success tonight!!

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It may be too early for champagne yet, but I've been asked to audition for a local company's ballet in January!

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I had a great night! I'm apprenticing right now with a ballet company in the Northeast. My friend came to see me tonight in Nutcracker. I've been crashing on her and boyfriend's couch for a month now, rent free :)


After the show, the first thing she told me was how joyful and confident I look onstage. I'm so happy that was the impression I give. I have a little acting bit as a "fairy" where we have to peek at Clara from behind a curtain, and I always try and make that moment cute. My friend totally picked up on it! She mentioned it.

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That's wonderful Lampwick


After having that great class earlier I even went to a more advanced class, and managed to keep up, but since then I have been struggling with a cold, and have just spent a week out of ballet and most of it in bed.


I'm trying to decide whether to go today as today is the last day before over the Christmas break and that would mean a whole month off if I didn't, but I'm still a bit run down.


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My gargoullades were spot on today, and I did a really clean double piroette to the LEFT! My cabrioles were on when practicing, but my timing was terrible across the floor. All in all, my rotation is better, my placement has improved, and I try to smile while dancing.

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Went to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday, he said my formerly broken foot is "clinically healed", and I have been cleared to do ballet except for releves and jumps, yay! So I will go back to class when they start up again in January. :blushing:


I also start physical therapy on Thursday, the doctor has referred me for 4-6 weeks of PT, three times a week (some of which may be done at home).



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I have returned from a 3 hour class all en pointe! I had a 2 hr tech class and a 1 hr pointe class afterwards. I'm trying to build up my strength for my audition and hopefully, rehearsals next month, so this is great!

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I got to take class with Ms. Leigh today :jump:


Of course, the flip side to that is that now I know how really badly I suck... :dry::blush:


But that's a post for another forum....for today, I'm thrilled and thankful to her for her wonderful teaching style and soooooo grateful for the opportunity!!! :D

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This is not exactly a champagne moment, but the other night I dreamed I was doing the splits. I couldn't wait to get to class and show my teacher!


And then I woke up :(


BUT--in my dream, I was able to stretch enough to do splits by stretching on my bed. By golly, it helps! I have a king size bed with a thick foam topper, so I can support myself and control the amount of stretch I do without the pain of knees or ankles digging into the floor. I can shift my weight to stretch the exact muscle I need to, unlike when I'm trying to do splits on the hard floor. Ain't it funny how the subconscious works?


Lisa (can't wait for Monday when classes start again!!)

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Maybe a tiny sip of Champagne here.

I got my first physical correction in class yesterday. I just had my arm moved for me but it is a good sign in general.

I had been thinking the teachers arms looked more open and straighter than I had been taught before (the hold the giant beach ball technique) and I guess it is a technique difference.

I am just glad it was something I could easily correct.

It is an adult class that I started late last spring and physical corrections have been few in there until recently. It may be he only does that after he gets to know the students for a while and he knows me by name now...



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Yesterday was my first class back after the long two-week break (which felt like an eternity). I was SO happy to get back. I've gained weight in my dancing absense and felt sluggish some of the time yesterday. I was back to the trembling afterwards (which means the old gams got a good workout) and was pretty winded. Must have lost some stamina pretty quickly. It was so good to be back.


Anyway, I DID get some new tights and a leo...courtesy of old Santa me.


On a "thankful/blessed" note, my husband got promoted last week...more than doubling his current salary. Which means I get to use a little more of my salary on things like more ballet. :shrug:

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I got to take class with Ms. Leigh today


So when and where was Ms. Leigh teaching an adult class? I didn't know such things occurred.

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Ms. Leigh was teaching master classes for a regional ballet company in Oklahoma. Because I was a former student of hers, I asked for and received permission to take the class with the other students (not adults). I don't believe she normally teaches open or adult classes as a rule. It was just a very lucky and special opportunity that I had...thus, a "champagne moment" for me.

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I just got back from my audition, and feel I did well- whew! It feels good to get it out of the way!

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