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I’ve spoken of the advantages I see we older dancers have over the younger folks, especially in a modern class (less so in ballet). I was reading the article below which ends with a quote from Baryshnikov. I thought it was extremely well said and sums up our advantage.


“When a dancer comes onstage, he is not just a blank slate that the choreographer has written on. Behind him he has all the decisions he has made in life. . . . Each time, he has chosen, and in what he is onstage you see the result of those choices. You are looking at the person he is, the person who, at this point, he cannot help but be. . . . Exceptional dancers, in my experience, are also exceptional people, people with an attitude toward life, a kind of quest, and an internal quality. They know who they are, and they show this to you, willingly.”


Article in which it is quoted is good too I think.



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As you and the article said, and I believe, as an adult dancer, life experience gives you the emotion and ability to portray roles that as a young dancer, you are not prepared/don't have the ability to do. At least we have one thing on the younger dancers who have more energy and can survive on less sleep!


I've never heard of Silvers before; what a courageous dancer to form her own concerts instead of giving in and going home when not hired by a company!

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