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I know there's a thread on this, but can't find it. Can you give me some ideas of appreciated gifts your teen boys have received? Other than candy, I'm at a bit of a loss.



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knock knock


Er, well, I'm not sure how much this gift was appreciated by the boy (as opposed to his mother), but I once made up a little sewing kit for a boy so that he could sew his own slippers and do other minor emergency repairs.


Alternatively, there are some beautiful photo books out there that either focus exclusively on male dancers or have a lot of good photos of men. Two that come to mind are Baryshnikov in Black and White and the one about the men of ABT.


Boys don't seem to be so much into the ballet "stuff" (eg, new leotards, new warmups) as girls, so beyond that I might let the other interests or tastes of the boy in question guide the gift decision.

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For a dancing teen boy, mukluks here are all the rage or those down boots for wearing over dance shoes.


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:( This year my 16 year old DS received chocolate Nutcrackers, chocolates, flowers, tree ornaments, and I bought him "The Nutcracker" book, written by Karen Kain, now AD of National Ballet of Canada. It is the Russian story and beautifully illustrated. I thought it was maybe a bit young, but he really appreciated the book and he loved the illustrations.


Also, I usually take him out to eat after performance and buy him a fancy dessert after dinner! Sinfully delicious treats seem to make him very happy! :(

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DD decorated sweats for all the girls with their names and flowers, Christmas ornaments, etc. on them for Nutcracker. For the boy in the show, she painted a wolf on the gray sweats, and his nickname. They were "manly" enough to wear around other men/boys, and useful for keeping him warm between shows. Sweats are always a good gift.

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My DS actually likes all the cool warmup stuff. New legwarmers, mukluks, body tights, trash-bag pants, etc. Not that he can wear them in class, but he loves to create his own "look" during rehearsals. He also loves dance DVDs and sometimes even CDs of certain ballets (especially Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet). What about calendars from professional companies?

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Yes I was thinking of a calendar too. I was hoping the men of ABT had made an all male calendar, but didn't find one. I love calendars for the photographs.

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I hope you guys get paid for all the advertising you do for the ABT calendar!!!! :D

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Try this thread for gift ideas for boys. Scroll down to the 12th & 13th posts:


Dance shows- (Gift ideas for male cast members)

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My DS isn't quite a teen, but has filled his list with ballet-related stuff. He has asked for warm-up gear, such as cheetah mentioned: some new stirrup legwarmers (black) and knitted tights (also black). He already has the trash-bag pants.


DS keeps a list on amazon.com that is full of videos and books on dance, as well as other stuff he likes. Videos featuring Barishnykov are usually big hits with him. The ABT calendar that was mentioned above is a gift he didn't ask for, but will be getting. His favorite DVD from last christmas is "Born to be Wild: the leading men of American Ballet Theater". This year he has dropped big hints that he wants the DVD of the ABT version of Le Corsaire with Ethan Steifel. I am also buying him a ballet dictionary, because he needs one. He also likes CD soundtracks to famous ballets. Last year it was A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Nutcracker.

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What about tickets to a professional performance? This is kind of sad, but my DS hasn't seen a Nutcracker performance since 2000! Somehow that slipped our mind. He's performed in them, of course! He's also performed at the Kennedy Center but commented yesterday that he's never been to a ballet performance there. Ooops! He's now getting tickets to a performance - two, so he can take whomever he pleases! We'll provide transportation.

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Now that the holidays are over I guess I am late for this thread. My 16 year old likes dancewear, DVD's of famous ballets and he especially likes apparel with the names of places he dances. His favorites are the flannel lounge pants that have the name of the school on it and his warm-ups from Miami City Ballet. He also has an oxford shirt with his school logo on it. Just some ideas.

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:P OK - another Nut season about to start - any new ideas out there in BT land for gifts for boys? This is his big final year, so would like to do something extra special and my creativity needs some type of boost these days!
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