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I just started pointe this fall and I am experiencing more pain than I was ready for. It is interesting that it hurts the most when I put the pointe shoes on and then after I take them off. On good days, it does not hurt to actually dance... Is it all in my mind???

My toes are getting a lot of blisters and this week is really bad. I can't even go up on pointe, it hurts so much. Maybe because I started practicing a little bit every day (instead of once a week). Should I just keep pushing myself? Will the pain ever go away? Will my feet get used to it? What can I do to prevent it?


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An occasional blister is common with pointe work, and can be prevented using some padding (I like Ouch Pouch by Bunheads). Many dancers will tape thier toes with athletic tape as well. But it shouldn't really be too painful.


Are you wearing any padding?


If so, it sounds to me like your shoes may not fit right. Perhaps they're too small, and your feet are getting a rush of blood to them when you take them off. maybe ask your teacher to take a look at the shoes and see if they fit all right.


In the teens forums, there's Pointe Shoe topics which anyone can post to. There's a form that you can fill out, descibing your foot shape, and you'll get recommended shoe styles for your foot. It takes a long time to figure out what shoes will work. Stick with it...it'll get less painful once you find the right shoe/padding for your individual foot.



Pointe is really fun once you get comfortable with it :(

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Thank you, lampwick!


I do use lambswool pads (Pillows for Pointe kind) and I put moleskin bandaids on my blisters. I did think that I may have a problem with my shoes because I feel like the vamp may be too high. It is almost like the shoe is holding me back from standing on pointe... My foot is not fully arched and it makes it harder to balance..


It is my first pair of pointe shoes and I am really excited but I do not know quite what to expect nd if all the pain comes with it or if something is wrong.


Thanks for referring me to the Teens Section. I submitted the e-form and hopefully, will get some advice from them.


I love ballet :( and am willing to put up with its pains, but I do not want to ruin my feet... :(


Thanks again for your advice!


Julie - nehta13

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Julie, lampwick is right, it's probably the shoes, especially since you said they have a high vamp and you don't have a highly arched foot. They may be too tapered for you, too.


In terms of more practice, it should get better with more. Once a week is harder, as the feet never build up the strength. Are you taking at least 3 technique classes a week? If so, put the shoes on after every class and work a few minutes at the barre.

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