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Good but cheap food in NYC


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I'm looking for suggestions of good but inexpensive places to eat in NYC. My daughter will be there for a 3 day weekend doing 4 auditions. All are at SAB, so I'm looking for suggestions near Lincoln Center. We're staying in Midtown Manhatten at Courtyard Marriott. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks.


Maine Ballet

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DD staying in NYC for 6 weeks each of the last 3 summers. Really, to find cheap food in a certain neighborhood it's a great idea to go to your local library and look at Fodors or some book like that to get specific addresses for various restaurants. Don't buy the book, necessarily, but do review it and write down information. If you stay away from the fancy places, and Times Square, food is very reasonable in NY. The small local delis have great sandwiches and fruit, and there are a lot of take out chinese and pizza places. My son got a kick out of the fact that take out is delivered by bicycle! I do remember that there is a great tiny little restaurant right behind the Lincoln Center complex, on the same street as LaGuardia High School. It looks like an Italian dive, but serves almost anything, even desserts. I can't remember its name though. Sorry!

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Arte Caffe. I think it is on West 71st or West 73rd just off Columbus Avenue. I wouldn't say it is "cheap" but it very reasonable by New York standards and a good value for very nice, fresh Italian food (homemade pastas), good salads, pleasant atmosphere and service.

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And does anyone know about the family diner place that's nearby? I think it's on Columbus heading down towards the Circle. We've been there the last 3 times we visited NYC because it was cheaper than anywhere else; it has very basic fare. Hopefully someone here can fill in or correct the address.

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Are you talking about the Olympic Flame Diner? It's a very handy place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's on Amsterdam (right behind Lincoln Center towards the Hudson River) just a bit south of Lincoln Center at 200 West 60th. Their phone # is 212-581-5259. It's not "fine dining" but they make a great breakfast, a wonderful grilled chicken salad and - of course - a Greek salad...and more. They are open very early, too.


If any of you remember John Belusci back in the good old days of Saturday Night Live doing his "Cheeseburger Cheeseburger" routine at the Greek diner...well, you might be surprised to hear something awfully close. :flowers:


There's also a fine pizza place on Columbus heading north, past Barnes and Noble on the left - can't think of the name of it but it's very good - and they have salads, etc. There's a real mixture of places to eat right there on Columbus once you pass Barnes and Noble.


Where is liebs? She'd be very helpful on this thread. :flowers::(

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Liebs may correct me if I err, but I believe many SABers like Europan for a quick panini or salad, just south of the corner of 66th Street where Columbus and Broadway cross. Just in from the north west corner of 68th street and Columbus is a small, pretty good pizza joint, and a coffee shop and deli on the north west and north east corners, respectively. Food Emporium is right on Broadway and 67th STreet, so your dd could always run in there to the deli counter and order a sandwich from the deli counter, too. There is a wrap and smoothies shop (It's a Wrap) on Broadway just north of the Food Emporium on the east side of the sreet, and as Liebs mentions, Ollie's is right across Broadway for your chinese food. There is O'Neal's restaurant for a larger meal, walking away from B'way towards Central Park West on 65th street, and before you hit that, Pain Quotidien, I think, for pastry, coffee, tea. There are a couple of delis to choose from heading downtown on Columbus before you get to 59th street. There are 3 Starbucks in the neighborhood: 1)67th Street and Columbus 2) 60th Street and Broadway 3) 59th street and Columbus (? or pretty close, so if you go to each of these corners, you will see it). Most amazing, though, is the selection available from Whole Foods in the basement of the new Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, 59th where Central Park West meets Central Park South, which is really only a 7 minute walk away--you name it, they got it, and it's beautiful!! Any kind of food you can imagine, practically, is available, the long lines move very fast, and she can bring in what she has bought to eat in the SAB cafe, if it's open, or eat at the tables provided in Whole Foods itself. Last but most conveniently, there is always the SAB/Juilliard cafe in the lobby level of the Rose Building, which I believe is accessible to visiting auditioners, although if her auditions are on Sunday, it is closed at certain hours over the weekend...Finally, here is url for a guide to other restaurants in the neighborhood: http://www.lincolnbid.org/dining.html

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The West Side Restaurant be'tween 68th & 71st on Bd'way.

Across from Lincoln Center, walk uptown past the movie theater + 3-4 blocks.

Can't remember actual cross St. its very obvious on the corner.

Tiny & tight sit down place with very fast service (time is $$$).

DD & this Dad would go there after SI auditions held @ SAB.

DD usually left auditions buzzed & HUNGRY!!

It has sentimental value!

Lots of choices, good size portions & very affordable.

Not gourmet, just decent & consistant. :D

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And let us not forget the SAB cafeteria. For a fast lunch it is fine, with a good selection of dancer food. The prices are quite resonable, and it's right there.

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My husband adds:


1) Don't remember the name, but my favorite pizza place is on the east side of 8th Avenue, between 56th and 57th.


2) I concur that the Whole Foods Market in the basement of the Time Warner Building at

Columbus Circle has lots of reasonably priced options -- sandwiches, sushi, soup, hot buffets, baked goods, etc.


3) Worth the walk to 81st and Broadway for H&H bagels!

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I will second Ollies on Broadway just north of Lincoln Center. Really good, clean, well priced Chinese food and fast service. It is one of our favorites.

Also Cafe con Leche, a short walk or a even shorter cab ride away fantastic cuban food and so reasonable, worth the trip. (great Sangria also). My son says it is on Amsterdam and about 86th.


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PAX Whole Foods, found throughout the city, has great sandwiches reasonably priced, as well as a beautiful salad bar. There's one down the street from Broadway Dance Center, one on 7th Avenue (I think), and one on 42nd Street.

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Dallas BBQ is amazingly cheap. It's on 72nd between Columbus and Central Park West.


You can get this dish called the early bird special, two people can eat for $8.99. For the $8.99 you get 2 bowls of chicken noodle soup, 2 sides of rice or potato, 2 half chickens, and 2 huge pieces of cornbread. But, you have to get there before 4:00pm to get the "early bird".


For two people you can't do better anywhere in America. That is cheaper then taking two people to McDonalds. Oh, and the restaurant is very clean and spacious. A lot of tour groups show up and eat in this banquet room in the basemet. The main dining room is loud (like any BBQ place), but it is very pleasant.

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I'll 2nd Dallas BBQ, good food, great prices &

a nice walk from SAB &

then you can walk by the

Dakota & then on to Strawberry fields & pay

your respects to John Lennon (may he rest in peace).

It was 25 years ago today...

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Believe it or not there is a wonderful Mexican Food restaurant across the street from Lincoln Center. Can't remember the name right now! Another BA Texan told me about it. They have wonderful pomegranate margaritas and guacamole freshly made at the table!

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