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Good but cheap food in NYC


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Rosa Mexicano is absolutely fabulous but a bit pricey. LRS is right though - really great drinks and the guacamole that they make fresh at your table is to die for.


For great prices and large portions, I recommend "It's a Wrap" on Broadway near Lincoln Center. My daughter lived there when she was at the SAB summer program. The wrap sandwiches are HUGE - enough for two people to share and their fruit smoothies are really great. Try the breakfast wraps with eggs and sausage - really fantastic. Here is the link: http://itsawrap.com


For a great family style dinner, try Trattoria Sambuca on West 72nd right near Central Park West. It's a great restaurant for a large group as each menu item is designed to feed 4 people. Fantastic food.


Also, a personal fave is the Agean on Columbus and 73rd (or there abouts). Very neighborhoody type of Greek restaurant. Excellent food with great prices.


I also liked the SAB cafeteria - really great food and don't leave without trying the cookies! Especially the sugar cookies... yummy! :thumbsup:


Jeez - I wish I was there right now...

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Ohhh, For breakfast (they serve all day but breakfast is great) New Wave Diner on Broadway and about 79th. Cheap! good, friendly, lots of regulars. Clean bathroom. :thumbsup:


Oh no I want to go to New York.

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I want to thank everyone for all of the suggestions. I am taking notes and making a little book for our trip. Any other suggestions for what to do, where to stay would be appreciated.


Thanks again to everyone in the Ballet Alert community! :yucky:


Maine Ballet

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maine ballet - I just love the Beacon Hotel on Broadway and 74/75th. It is directly across the street from Steps and a fabulous grocery store. There are kitchens in each room which makes it great and easy to save on some meals - especially breakfast. Just a short walk down Broadway to Lincoln Center or jump on the subway at 72nd and travel one stop down and get off at 66th.


Have a great time.

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Also - check out Class In on 72nd. They have make your own leotards. You pick the fabrics and designs and they make it up and send it to you. SO much fun.

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I lived in NYC for a while. I agree that delis do great sandwiches - and also you can find fresh fruit juice. Beware of the buffets though - at some places, they end up really expensive because its by weight! (who knew chicken was so dense??)


The delis that do Japanese food (miso soup & sushi) are often great value - there were some nice ones around 57th street & 3rd.


Generally downtown is cheaper than midtown - especially around Houston and the New York university area (below 14th Street). Alphabet city has some nice places too - but a little more off the beaten track and for the more intrepid! Beware Union Square, though - that can be pricey as it is a tourist trap! Also, the outer avenues (2nd/3rd and 8th/9th) are generally cheaper than restaurants on 5th Avenue & Park etc. Probably due to real estate prices!


There was a FABULOUS Vietnamese restaurant where I went about once a week - run by a wonderful family. They treated me like their own daughter ( I was 22 at the time and was a bit lost when I arrived) , and the regulars were very friendly too. It was called Nam Phuong, and it's address is 19 Avenue of the Americas, at the corner of 6th & Walker street. Food was very nice, well cooked vietnamese food, plenty of healthy options (as is generally true in Asian cooking).


Enjoy! New York is a fantastic city, and there is lots to see/do & experience!

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