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Dance Majors and accreditation?

Guest iwonder

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Guest iwonder

I am finding that some programs are either Ballet or Modern based. I believe that Ballet is necessary for all dance, but does anyone know any colleges that are more diverse and focus on all dance disciplines, including tap, and have good dance programs? Also can anyone explain accreditation such as NASD etc. and what that means for a Dance Program? Thanks everyone!!

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Marymount Manhattan College has four dance majors: ballet, modern, jazz or choreography.


Point Park University and University of the Arts also have four concentrations within their Dance BFA programs: ballet, modern, jazz or pedagogy/ dance education.


The University of Arizona has a triple emphasis in ballet, modern and jazz.


All four programs offer tap, however, Point Park and UArts do more with tap by making it a required course for all BFA students. They are also the programs that offer higher levels of tap, or where "Advanced Tap" would be significantly more advanced than elsewhere.


The University of Arizona is the only triple emphasis program that I know of where a student does not have to select a concentration within dance beyond achieving a 400-level technique class in one of the disciplines.

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Here is the link to the National Association of Schools of Dance. They answer the FAQs question, What does accreditation mean?, as well as the ancillary question, Must all schools be accredited? The simple answer to the latter question is "No," but the matter appears to be more complex than that.


For what it's worth, my daughter was able to transfer all of her credits from the University of the Arts (not a member of NASD) to the University of Arizona (member of NASD) without any problems.

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Guest iwonder

Sorry it took me so long to respond, It has been a very busy time of year! I really appreciate all of your responses and the web site answers my accreditation question! Thanks so much!!

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iwonder, I thought this page from Walnut Hill's website might be helpful to you: Links to Colleges by Arts Area because they list colleges with ballet emphasis and modern separately...along with musical theater, etc. I hope you find this helpful. I think it's a handy listing for just about anyone interested in the arts. :grinning:

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