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Hey I'm a new member been lurking getting great info from all of you. When my daughter came to me with this website I new I had to share. It is a ballet themed t shirt site. They are really cute and not "bratty" like some of the stuff I have seen in her catalogs. Anyway I know how hard it is to find good ballet stuff so see for yourself... http://www.Techniquewear.com. I got mine in the mail yesterday. Its soft and fitted really cute. Not a cheap tee at all. JUst so you know...


It's great to be part of this board finally!!


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Guest TUTUObsessed

That is so Funny! I ordered a few of those for my daughter, they came today!!!

They really are cute. I got her the Toes of Steel and Echappe Shirts. I will have to get more for her birthday in Feb.

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Love the shirts!! Was wondering if they seem wide? My daughter likes T's that are more form fitting? Maybe that is because she isn't as wide as some of us :angry:


Also, how long did it take for the processing and shipping? Great gifts for the dancer that has everything!!

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It only took three days from the day I ordered to the day it arrived. It came from CA and had to go all the way to New York. They shiped via Priority Mail. It has info like this on their FAQ page I think

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Those are adorable. DD's sisters have been after me about Christmas ideas for their sister. Thanks for the idea! She is going to love them...and she will be thrilled to be the first to have one among her dance friends.

14 year olds hate to feel as if they are copying someone. :thumbsup:

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Several members and moderators noticed this last night, and neither Ms. Leigh nor I thought there was anything amiss, but now a subtle change brings a nagging question to my mind, and I'll be ungallant enough to ask it:


SuperPointes, JeteDame, and TUTUObsessed, do you have any connection to Techniquewear, other than as customers? We noted last night that THREE brand new posters arrived onboard kvelling about these great tee-shirts, and that two were from California, where the Techniquewear is located. Except that today, SuperPointes isn't from California, the way she was last night, she's from "USA" which is almost needlessly vague while text tells us that she's in New York? Is there something going on here??? :yucky:


I apologize, but we've not been happy here with people who come onboard just to sell stuff. I have to ask the question.

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That IS weird but no, I am just a well intentioned mom who knows how hard young dancers are to buy for. Of course this would be an issue on my first post. I had always felt weird about joining a message board. I guess I should stick to lurking. :yes:

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Well, yes, I would accept that, if your IP Address wasn't the same as JeteDame's and TUTUObsessed. That means you're using the same computer in the same state at different times.

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Since I think I've answered my own question, I'm going to close this thread and block the IP address mentioned above, as it is obviously being used for purposes of deception.

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