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ISO Legwarmers


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Hi there,


I've asked around and can't find this anywhere.


My DD would like a pair of legwarmers, the kind that are loose (also called flared) at the bottom. She would like them in medium blue to navy blue, or somewhere in there. I've checked my local dance stores, Discount Dancewear, tutu.com. I've googled, I've froogled, I've ebayed. I've found pink, black, striped.


But no medium or dark blue. Any suggestion on where else to look? This is for Christmas.





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I know KD Dance has fabulous leg warmers in every shade possible. I have a pair in pink. I love them, they still look great 2 years later."KD dance" Check out their other legwarmers as well.

OOPS, I am not a parent, sorry, but really, try them out!

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