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What is the definition of good turn out?

Guest LovinDance

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Hi, LovinDance and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers; mabuhay! :yucky:


Good turnout is that which you can have without forcing anything. So, if you have less than 180° of turnout, your turnout can still be good, providing that it all comes from the thigh rotating in the hipjoint!

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Basically what Mel said, but good turnout is having a decent amount without ever forcing it! Never force your turnout. It's very basd for your ankles, knes and hips. Not a good thing! :)

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Guest twinklehooves

Is it common to have less, or feel like you have less turnout when you are laying on your back with your legs straight in the air and mocking first position?


Because that's what it feels like.

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Oh sure. You're just in a forward cambré, except with gravity coming from 90° out of kilter!

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