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Is there a real chance to make it, starting at 15?

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Wow, that really is an inspiration! It's really hard to get into a "top notch" school (that's what I'm worried most about right now: how I will get proper training). She must have really worked super super duper hard. Late starters making it into very good companies is not the norm, but I am hoping to beat the odds. Thank you for telling me this. B)



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one of my teachers friends started ballet at seventeen (never having had a lesson before) got accepted into royal ballet's upper school at eighteen and made the chor at twenty two.  that was really inspirational to me.  she obviously workedher butt off and royal ballet is tough to get into schoolwise, the company must be murder!  :wink:

Wow, that really is an inspiration! [.........] Thank you for telling me this.  :thumbsup:


Yes, I'm following this topic silently.. B) , But that's REALLY inspirational! wow! I wonder all the time if something like that is possible, and here's the proof. It's the reward of real hard work (hard work pays, or what's the quote... :yucky: )

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I don't know if it's possible to immediately get into a company school, but you can certainly get into a professional one. (I mean, one where a few dancers go off to dance professionally, but not everyone.)


I've actually met a lot of girls who trained at recreational schools or good jazz studios until they were around 13 or so, and then made a switch. I actually did it myself. :D It's not easy, but if you can get a good teacher who will work with you, it's not so bad to catch up then.


I don't know how it would work with your situation, but I have seen people catch up given a year or two years of good training.

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That's good advice, Marenetha! :P How did you get into a pre-pro program though? I'm worried that if I audition for one (even if it's not a big name company) my training will have been so lacking in comparison to other girls that I won't even have a chance at getting proper teaching. :thumbsup: Your situation actually sounds the most similar to mine so far, though. Thanks for telling me!



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Guest PrinceSiegfried84

I am an italian ballet dancer. I started ballet when I was 17 and at 19 got accepted at english national ballet school in the last year. I graduate in one year and made it in a professional ballet company. I am a boy so this can be different sometimes but I think the only thing that matters is how hard you work your butt off and how lucky you are body-wise.



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The girl who is pictured in an attitude derriere croise on this year's Boston Ballet summer program ad in Pointe magazine, Emily Tyra, started ballet at 14 and got into level 10 of Boston SDP at 17. Pretty amazing!

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I've been doing ballet for 5 years, not considering the fact that I have taken classes before but stopped for quite a long time (3years, I believe, due to injury).

I have always taken lots of classes, usually 2 hour-long but occasionally they're longer, 5 times a week.

I have just turned 16, and I have been wondering if it's still possible to get into a pre-pro school, or someday become professional?

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I think that's a real possibility, especially with ballet being a "growth industry" in Brazil. Now, bear in mind, I don't know the exact particulars, but there seem to be more and better students coming from Brazil now than at anytime in my lifetime.

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There were some exceptionally well trained students from Brazil at the Youth America Grand Prix last year in New York. Not sure what city they were from, but they were very good.

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Urgh, this weekend I have been doing audition tapes for various SIs and I noticed a lack of strength en pointe. I am fourteen and have been en pointe since 12. Now, I've never really had structured pointe classes. The first year we had once aweek for an hour, the next year twice a week for 1/2 hour each, and this year i have 2 one hour pointe classes plus 15 minutes at the end of two other technique classes. I feel sooo behind. I just need someone to PLEASE give me some benchmarks for fourteen. How many pirouettes en pointe. Fouttes yet? I just dont know!

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Doubles on pointe are good at 14. You don't have to do many fouettés on pointe yet (four maybe, eight if you're a real turn-demon). You should still be building strength with them on demi-pointe. All that relevé-plié-relevé-plié on the supporting foot can be quite exhausting.

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Please if ballet is what you want to do try to get into a pre pro training program.My biggest regreat is when I started ballet at 15(I knew I wanted to dance professionally even though it would be tough)that I didn't try for a pre pro program I was too scared and didn't even try.Now at 17 I'm finally moving from my studio(which has excellent classes but they offer more modern than ballet.)to a pre pro school.It may be too late for me even though I've been told my numerous teachers that I have a talent for ballet.Basically the whole point of this post is to say if ballet is really what you want then you have to conquer your fears and do what you need to do to get professional training.Good Luck and I hope everything works out for you.

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That's good advice, Marenetha!  :huepfen: How did you get into a pre-pro program though? I'm worried that if I audition for one (even if it's not a big name company) my training will have been so lacking in comparison to other girls that I won't even have a chance at getting proper teaching.  :wink: Your situation actually sounds the most similar to mine so far, though. Thanks for telling me!



I'm the mom of a student who just went to the National Ballet School of Canada at 15 (10th grade). She began dancing in a local studio in 5th grade and had done some summer intensives. She is working hard in Canada but LOVING every minute of it. Most of the kids do come in younger grades. My memory of the pre-entry meetings was that they were interested in her because she was "open" not because of her previous training. Other postings seem on target but I wanted you to know that it does happen. You won't know if you don't try the auditions.

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I have a friend who's 16 now. She was a very talented hip hop/street dancer and fell in love with ballet. She's only been taking ballet for 2 years, and she's really good. Just decided to enroll at CPYB and go there full time and is very excited about it. They have amazing training and the school is open to anyone whose body can safely meet the rigorous demands. She'll have to take classes with people much younger than her until she catches up, but it sounds very promising for her. I think she made a smart decision that'll help her strive toward her goals. She'd love to dance ballet professionally for a while, but also has a strong interest and talent in a variety of dance forms. Can't go wrong with good classical training. She has the type of personality that will do well with this...no ego, just wants to be as good as she can and is willing and excited about doing the work.

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Guest Susie9171

My mom knew someone who started dancing at 19 and worked really hard, took all the classes she could possibly take, and had a real passion for ballet. She eventually became a member of some sort of regional company. So, while it is unlikely that starting late it is possible to be in a big "name" company, and you must have some natural talent and physical capacity, you are not too late.

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