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FINALLY had first class -- disappointing


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I finally got into my fist adult beginner class! I picked a studio near my house and tried to stop by but no one was there. I did all my dealings with them over the phone and arranged to try a class. I was a bit surprised when the class was only an hour, normally even beginner classes are at least 75 minutes, but I went anyway. I was grossly disappointed, The "studio" was a small room that was about 3/4 covered with sheets of MDF screwed into a framework of 2x4s. This meant there was enough barre space for four adults comfortably, five if you are very careful. I was already there though, so I figured that I would at least try the class. There were three of us. Two tall thin older ladies and short, overweight me. when we started our barre work, I realized that the people here have NO technique. They are all turned in and have no concept of how the movements are to be executed, they do them very quick and sloppily. The plie sequence was really fast. The teacher gave no corrections at all. the students had no clue where to put their arms or anything. I figured that a beginner class would have a lot of attention to detail to make sure there was a good foundation - not here. The teacher said that these other women had been coming here for a while. I got a chance to look at the photos of her other students on the wall, and none of them have any turnout at all. I can't possibly go back. The class ended ten minutes early - 50 minutes in all. I am so disappointed, now I have to find a new place.

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La Mesa....you're not too far off from Grossmont College which has an awsome dance dept. with very reputable and knowlegable ballet instructors. Its only $26 a unit, which beats out the fancy-shmancy studios for price and most of the level 1 classes are in the late afternoon-evening. Here's the website for more info Grossmont College Mesa College, near Fashion Valley also has a good dance dept from what I hear and my ballet teacher at Grossmont also teaches there.

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