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air freshen your shoes?

Guest 321dance

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Guest 321dance


i was just wondering if air-freshening your shoes, especially pointe shoes will ruin them in any way..like dissolving the glue, (or how would you clear up the smell on the shoes themselves, actually spraying them with the freshener doesn't sound so good). my shoes stink SO MUCH!- i've already sprayed my bag, so that's 1/2 of the problem solved! ...thanks-

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The problems with air fresheners in shoes are many. The most probable is irritation of the skin, because the product is not designed to be used in skin. (Imagine Glade used as underarm deodorant!) Another problem is that the solvents used to keep the product liquid in the can may just work to dissolve the things that are holding the shoe together. Better to use cedar sachets made of old socks and stuffed with cedar shavings.

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And be sure not to put them in your dance bag after classes or rehearsals! Keep them out in the air. Get a mesh bag, separate from your dance bag, or just hang the shoes on the outside.

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