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Guest lovinballet14

In my retrie, I try to even my hips out as much as possible. But I can pop my hips out of place, so when I try to even them out, the standing legs hip pops out of place.


Is there anything I can do to help this?

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Correct alignment must come first, and that includes being lifted up off of your legs and out of your hips. If a hip pops out, you are sitting into it. Lift off of the standing leg by using your upper thigh and gluteous muscles. :)

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Guest lovinballet14

okay I will try that!


Also, I am not sure if this is bad, but when I go up into retire, I almost come off the floor. I think its because I am trying to be very pulled up, but I am not sure.

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Pulling up means, by conversion, pushing down into the floor. But, not so hard that you do a little jump OFF the floor. You have "roots" in the floor and you have to pull up against them.

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