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AM I taking enough ballet?


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It's relatively minimal, however, if you are in a strong level, and it will increase next year, then it's probably okay. By 15 I like to see on-track dancers in a daily technique and pointe class, at least 5 days, preferably 6 days a week.

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Ok, thank you, I was also wondering if you have heard of North Carolina Dance Theatre, do you think it has a good academy? I am considering moving to that studio for High School.

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Yes, I have heard of it, and, as far as I know, it is a good school.

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I'm 13 and take 6 hours a week. i'm hoping to be a professional dancer.

I'm only taking 6hours a week because the studio i go to only offers ballet and pointe every single day. So we are looking for a better school.


Have you heard of Avnun Yakubov Ballet Cultural Arts Center.

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Yes, if you plan to be a dancer, and you are 13 or older, you are. Dancers must study every day, and the sooner the better for this to start.

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Oh WOW! :) At grade 5, you should be taking about twice as much as you're doing now!

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That's excluding home practice, which hardly counts at all, because it's not supervised. If I were teaching a gr. 5 class, I would prefer to have 2 75-minute syllabus classes and 3 75- to 90-minute free classes, with syllabus materials either included sporadically, or even totally ignored! (Treasonous thought! :wub::shrug: )

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No, emphatically not! You've got to grade 5, which by general consensus is the Elementary level of competency in ballet. You would be so much MORE accomplished with more classes, and ready for partnering and specific men's work, which often starts for boys about the same time that the girls go en pointe. I find that rather many of students in the UK are being short-changed when it comes to frequency of study, so you're not alone!

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