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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Im 14 (turning 15 this year) and am in what they call the "professional program" at my studio. This means that I dance in the morning, go to school in the afternoon, and sometimes have class after school also. My schedule is:

Mon: 1.5 hour ballet class

1.5 hour pointe class

1.5 hour pointe class after school


Tues: 3 hour ballet class

1.5 hour jazz class after school


Wed: 1.5 hour ballet class

1.5 hour pointe class


Thurs:1.5 hour ballet class

1.5 hour modern class


Fri: 1.5 hour ballet class


Sat: 1.5 hour ballet class

1.5 hour rep class


Is this enough pointe? Should I also be taking a pilates class? I want to be a professional dancer.

Also, I am doing cecchetti grade 6. Is this OK for my age/level?

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Your schedule is a bit unusual for the US in that to have an additional 1.5 pointe class after school is odd. :shrug: Everything else seems ontrack! :thumbsup: Could you explain your Monday schedule again? Maybe I misunderstood? :blushing:

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heres my new schedule...


Monday: technique...5:30-7:00


Tuesday: technique...2:30-4:00 (sometimes pointe)


Wednesday: technique...5:00-6:30 & jazz...6:30-9:00


Thursday: Sometimes a technique class (hour and 1/2) but not always


Friday: technique...2:45-4:15 (sometimes pointe)


Saturday: pilates...9:00-9:45 & pointe/variations...9:45-11:00 (maybe rehersals for a show)


Sunday: maybe rehersals for a show


is this enough dancing? i just turned 14...

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Adagio xo, that sounds quite good to me, although I hope that there will eventually be some modern and/or jazz added.


2dance2dream, it's not bad, but I would prefer more dedicated pointe class time, as opposed to doing center on pointe.


Is there anything that I can do to get more pointe? I know that I need more pointe time, especially since our main pointe class is often cut short, but I really don't know how to get more! I would do our whole class on pointe, but I would not be able to do a lot of the steps in my pointe shoes. Is there anything I can do to get more?

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Sorry if I was unclear:

On mondays, I take an additional class another studio because I felt that I was not getting enough pointe work.

Thanks for replying so promptly to my previous message!!!

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2dance2dream, I'm not sure what you can do about it beyond talking to your teacher, expressing your concerns, and discussing the schedule. Is this the only good school that you can get to, or is there another school with a better schedule? Sometimes one has to leave a long time teacher when you reach a certain level and the teacher does not have the classes you need. However, it sounds like there are a lot of classes, just that they don't have the dedicated pointe classes. Maybe try talking to her first?

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balletgirl45, please go back to page 11, find your post, and look again at the one after it. Vrs starts with a response to pointegirl, but the second paragraph says "balletgirl45", and is addressed to you.

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I'm 13 and I'm considering becoming a professional dancer when I'm older but I only do 2 classes of ballet a week (Both for an hour but one of them is going to increase to an hour and a half). I've tried talking to my teacher but my school only offers one class a week (one hour) so I went to another dancing school and I do another class there (the one hour one/ going to be 1 1/2). I've tried everyting but the only way I can do more classes is if I go to 3 or 4 different ballet schools ! It shouldn't be this hard ! I live in Britain (just thought I would say)! I really want to take a class every day but I can't ! Can anyone suggest any solutions ? Thanks :P

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I take ballet 3 times a week for 1 and a half hours a week. The dance school I'm at has a company and i want to get into that company so I'm fine. you should look for a school that has more htan 1 class a week. if you live in an area where there aren't any then your only solution is to drive a whiles a way to get there. Or you can have your own 'classes' at home until more classes are available. I did that three times a week and greatly improved. another thing is that if your looking to go on point or are on point you need more than two clases a week.

I hope I helped atleast some even though i'm not convinced.

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Ms. Leigh is in transit right now, traveling to Houston by car, so I'll have to step in here as an intermediary.


Dancing, I don't quite understand the class availability situation in Britain; maybe people think that ballet is like piano - one class a week is sufficient (it isn't!) Or perhaps the natural frugality of the people, which is usually highly commendable is, when it comes to ballet, incorrectly applied. You should be taking at least 3 90-minute classes per week, and yes, if you have to travel, you have to.


Ashley, if you're used to that schedule now, then you should be adding at least one more, however you can acquire it. If nothing is available at your level, perhaps taking a class one level below could be added, and you can work for a perfect mastery of things you have already achieved.

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I am doing private lessons in adition to the three classes i already have.

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Thanks Ashley, I'm going to talk to my mum and see if I can get private lesson (if I give her some of my pocket money towards it) and I'm planning to move to a different dance school :grinning: Thanks too Mel, in Britain people DO seem to think ballet is like piano and I know some people who do 1 hour a wekk and are en pointe. I'm moing to a much more serious and professional dance school just a bit further away than my last one :D Thanks :D

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Aaagh! One hour a week = pointe? I don't THINK so! Those poor girls are headed for trouble down the line.


(One minor point, I almost hesitate to mention it, we pretend that the Young Dancers' forums are like a classroom, and so Victoria Leigh is "Ms. Leigh", vrsfanatic is "Mrs. (or Ms.) Schneider", and I'm "Mr. Johnson". Elsewhere it doesn't matter, but here we maintain the innocent fiction of being in ballet class with the teacher-moderators. You can actually call me anything you like except late for dinner, but that's how we do things here.) Ah, tradition!

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Oops :blushing: Sorry Mr.Johnston

At my ballet school we call all our teachers by their first name :blushing: so I was confused

I'm seriously worried that some people don't do enough a week to be en pointe and I've heard that in Russia, children as young as 3 or 4 are in ballet schools doing hours and hours a day and being en pointe :blushing: I thought your feet plates had to be at least a partially developed before you're allowed en pointe :thumbsup:

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