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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Hello! I was just wondering if I am taking enough classes- I hope to one day be a professional ballet dancer. :) I study classical ballet, if that has anything to do with my level, which is intermediate 4. (Next is advanced.) I'm 14 and here is my schedule:


Monday- ballet 2 hours (1 hour pointe and 1 hour flat)

Wednesday- ballet 2 hours (pointe)

Thursday- ballet 2 hours (pointe)

Saturday- ballet 2 hours (flat)


I wish I could take more, but this is all my studio offers for my level. Do you have any suggestions?

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I do hope the pointe hour on Mon. follows the hour in soft shoes. Are the other 3 classes all pointe? I think you need more technique classes that are not on pointe, at your age and level.

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Oh, oops! I'm sorry! Yes, the pointe follows that flat on monday.


Oh and I forgot the second part- yes, the wed. and thurs. classes are on pointe and the saturday is on flat. Hmmmmm... I'm trying to find out how I can take more classes, though.

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For that, you're going to have to be willing to travel some, and have a means of reaching farther out to another school and return if you want to get, and I also think you need, more classes.

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How do you get 16+ hours of ballet technique a week, Dana? Do you take two classes every day? And, by 'sort of a beginner', do you mean in your first year of pointe?

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I usually take 2-3 1.5 hour classes a day,5-6 times a week. sometimes more, sometimes less. :ermm:



and i've been on pointe for about eight or nine months, but my teacher says i am "advanced for how long ive been on" so i can do harder stuff correctly than the other girls in my class

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In my opinion two a day, every day, is way too much, and a third technique class is WAY WAY too much. :ermm: At 13 years old, you are still growing, and I do not think this is healthy. One good technique class a day, at your age, should be quite sufficient, with some additional pointe time 3 or 4 days a week. Slow down! Overkill accomplishes nothing.

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Three barres in one day is totally overkill and overuse of the same muscles. Not necessary and not good.

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Well, that is very different. You made it sound like there were 3 technique classes, which would, of course, include 3 barres! Technique, pointe and then rehearsal is just fine. (Please check spelling of rehearsal.)

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Dana, slow down! You spelled barre correctly in your previous post, and then in this one you spelled it bar! :shrug::)

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