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AM I taking enough ballet?


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My schedual is as follows


Mon- 1 hour pointe class

1 and 1half hours technique(flat)


Tues-1 hour modern


Wed- 1 and 1half hours technique (en pointe)

1 and 1half hours technique(flat)


Thurs- 1 and 1half hours technique (en pointe)

(plus I assist a ballet class)


Fri- Rehearsals en pointe 3 and 1 half hours


Sat- 1 hour pointe

1 hour strech/pilates class

1 and 1 half hour technique class(flat)

1 hour variations class (en pointe)

2 hour rehearsal (flat and en pointe)


Sun- (closer to shows) 4 hour rehearsals


what do you think

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Hello Dance4lifer, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :P


If your schedule is as written, with the pointe classes prior to the technique classes, I don't much like it at all. Also, Friday and sometimes Sundays rehearsals with no class or at least a warm up?

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I warm myself up on days I have rehersals and no class, but on the subject of pointe before flat ballet class.. I've read your disaprovel(if thats the word) of pointe before ballet and would just like to know why because that is my schedual.



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Because, in my opinion, it just doesn't make sense. One starts in soft shoes and progresses to pointe. It is simply not logical the other way around.

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It's also dangerous, isn't it? I've heard you can hurt your feet from doing that since you aren't warmed up yet. But then I'm not sure.

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I wouldn't call injury a sure thing, but it makes it easier to do pointework if everything else is warmed up first!

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I posted my schedule for evaluation earlier in the fall, but I'd like to check again as it has changed a bit since then.


Monday: technique 3:30-5:00

pointe 5:00-6:30

rehearsal 6:45-9:00


Tuesday: technique 3:30-5:00

technique 5:00-6:30

rehearsal 6:45-9:00


Wednesday: technique 3:30-5:00

pointe 5:00-6:30

rehearsal 6:45-9:00


Thursday: technique 3:30-5:00

pointe 5:00-6:30

rehearsal 6:45-9:00


Friday: technique 3:30- 5:00

rehearsal 5:00-8:00


Saturday: technique 11:00-12:30

rehearsal 12:45-4:00


I'm fifteen turning sixteen. The rehearsals are almost always on pointe, but the schedule tends to vary so sometimes I rehearse less than what I posted here. For a week right now I don't have any rehearsals but I'm doing an hour private lesson after my other classes to prepare for an audition.

Thank you! :yes:

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That is quite a schedule, toedancer! It's great, as long as you can survive it, and get your education at the same time!

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can i get some opinions on what you think of my schedule?


Monday 5:30-7:00 technique


Tuesday 4:30-6:00 technique

6:15-9:00 rehearsal(during performance season)


Wednesday 4:00-5:30 technique

5:45-6:45 pointe


Thursday 4:00-5:30 technique on pointe with variations

5:30-7:00 technique on pointe with variations


Friday 4:00-5:30 technique

5:30-7:00 technique


Saturday 11:00-11:45 pilates mat

12:00-1:30 technique

2:00-5:00 rehearsal(during performance season)


i'm 16 and an academy apprentice. I'm required to take 9 classes a week. so some days i'll switch classes to make up for a missed class.

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xdino, I would like to see more dedicated pointe classes which follow technique classes, rather than two techniuqe classes in a row, or even two all pointe w/variations classes in a row.

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wow compared to me everyone here does atleast 4time the amount of ballet i do a week!!


i've been dancing at the same school since i was 3 but classes are only available once a week.


The class ia for 2 1/2 hours with 1 1/2 hours split into 1 hour flats and 1/2 hour on pointe.

I've always wanted to change to a more ballet focused school but i'm worried now that i've left it to late.


That people would look down on my because i'm not as good as them. That's probarbly me just being insucure but i would like other peoples opinions on the matter.

Do you think i've left it to late?

i'm 15 grade 3 falts and been on pointe for 2 years :D

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Hello vikkif299, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


You know, it's never too late to start ballet, nor is it too late to get better and more training. It may be late if you are doing it with the intention of becoming a classical dancer, but, one can really never say never. Your training has been extremely limited, and we do strongly believe that no one should be on pointe who is not taking at least 3 classes a week of 90 minutes each. That would be absolute minimum. Once a week students on pointe is simply not a good idea at all. Sorry :D


But, the good news is that, if you get yourself to a real ballet school very soon, you might be surprised how well you could do in a year or two. Do not be surprised, though, that they might take away the pointe shoes for a while. This would be in your best interest, as you will need time to catch up on basic technique. You can do it, though, so don't wait any longer because, if you really want to dance well, whether for a career or not, the best training is very important! :thumbsup:

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There's only one problem,

because i've been at the same dance school for years

i have no idea about other dance schools in my area or what to expect from a good dance school :D

or how expensive dance schools are, although apperently the one I go to is exxpensive for what we do :)

thanks Ms. Leigh

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That is one of the main reasons we exist here, vikkif! Start reading. You will find many topics that will show you what to expect and how to find good schools. :D

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That is one of the main reasons we exist here, vikkif! Start reading. You will find many topics that will show you what to expect and how to find good schools. :D


Thanks again i'll look now :)

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