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AM I taking enough ballet?


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That is quite a schedule, toedancer! It's great, as long as you can survive it, and get your education at the same time!

Thank you, I have to admit that it does help to be home schooled sometimes! :grinning::)

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So, with all the schedule posting, I thought I'd join in =]

Each of my classes are an hour and a half.

Monday- 3 classes, 3:30 - 8:00 including 1 pointe

Tuesday- 2 classes- 3:30- 6:30 including 1 pointe

1 hour and 15 or hour rehearsal 6:45 -8

Thursday- 2 classes 3:30- 6:30 including 1 pointe

Friday- 2 classes3:30- 6:30 including 1 pointe

and sometimes rehearsal 6:30-8:00

Saturday-2 classes 10:00-1:00 including 1 pointe

and rehearsal usually till whenever

and Sunday company class sometimes thats an hour and a half or two hours and reahearsals usually.


I really enjoy my schedule, and take as many extra classes as I can.


I'm in level 4 out of 6 and take 5 pointe classes a week and 6 or 7 technique and always try to put in 100%.

Being a professional ballet dancer is my dream :yucky:





Oh, also I wanted to add that i'm thinking of going back to homeschooling (this was my first year of high school, freshman, and first year of public school) to focus more on ballet...

My teachers think I'm doing great work at ballet, and I like my school, but if I want to be a pro, do you think that home schooling is a better answer?

I am very driven and goal oriented.

And I'm also an over the top perfectionist, but I think thats alot of the way ballet dancers are :)

So, I'm really stuck here and could use some advice.

Haha I know you all don't have a crystal ball, I'm just wondering your opionion.





Oh and how do you get those little quote things?

they're so cool!

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Am I taking enough? This made me think.

Monday- off

Tuesday- ballet, and ballet (3 hours)

Wed- modern, pointe, (3 hours)

Thur- ballet, pointe (3 hours)

Friday- no class, but rehearsals

Sat- ballet, pointe (2.5 hours) and rehearsals

Sunday- sometimes rehearsals


I could be taking a lower level I'm in too, but I don't know if I have the time. These are the only classes for my level and I'm in the highest. But the rehearsals can be long too. I don't know!


BalletQt121, about the homeschooling thing? I know TONS of people who do it and dance. My sister even does it and she is also a dancer. She thinks its less stressful. I am an extremely social person so I need to be around people, but I did homeschool at one time. Its different for everyone so whatever you think.

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Frustratingly, rehearsals don't count as classtime.


At this juncture, I'd recommend finding one more class on either Monday or Friday. Also, taking pointe out of a modern class isn't the best sequence I could think of. Best to have ballet technique before.

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Yes, the modern thing wasn't my idea. I was in an RDA piece that was modern and it was the only class I could take. And Friday is ALL rehearsal and boys classes. I am kind of stuck.

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I have a question about taking enough classes as well...

Or am I taking too much for a thirteen year old? :)


Monday: 1 technique, 1 pointe [3 hours total]

Tuesday: 1 technique, 1 technique/pointe [3 hours total]

Wednesday: 2 technique [3 hours total]

Thursday: 3 technique [4.5 hours total]

Friday: 1 technique, 1 pointe [3 hours total]

Saturday: 1 technique/pointe [2 hours total]


Six days a week, with 8 technique classes, 2 pointe classes, and 2 technique/pointe classes.

Totals up to 18.5 hours.


Is this too much for me? Because my classes start very late, I tend to stay up late doing homework. My parents say I'm too stressed out, but I'm healthy and feeling perfectly fine. At times though, I may be slightly tired. But that's it. I'm in the Intermediate Level by the way.


Thank you!

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I would suggest cutting the second technique class on Wed. and at least the third, if not also the second, on Thurs. THREE technique class is redundant, unnecessary, and puts undue stress on the same muscle groups, which can cause overuse injuries. I like the technique and pointe schedule, not not the two tech. in a row, and never three! :)

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Okay, I haven't read EVERY post in here :blushing: but from what I have read, you're all doing enough!

At the Royal Ballet School (which is a full time ballet school, as I should think most know, but just in case some don't!!), we have one 2 hour proper ballet class each day from monday to saturday (so that's 12 hours), and then in the afternoons, we have the "extra" stuff- like choreography, jazz etc for an hour-ish (sometimes more...)... but we only have one proper PROPER ballet class a day!! And we're a very very serious full time school... so to be honest if you're doing 10 hours a week or more then I should say you're absolutely fine- and remember it's not quantity it's quality!! You could be doing 6 hours a week with a great teacher and be benefitting more than someone doing 15 hours with a not so great teacher! You just need to get the right balance and training that suits you personally- different people have different demands when it comes to ballet training... it's not really a question that can be answered fully without seeing you, I guess... you can't just say "I do X hours, and I'm X years old.... is this enough?"

Sorry, that's not very clear is it- I'm dreadful for not sticking to the point (pointe? :wink: )


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I think that most of them do, however, there are many that have to drive an hour or more to and from classes.

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Oops! A parent wandered into the Young Dancers Forum by mistake and a post was removed. Please do feel free to re-post your question in the appropriate Parents Forum. :)

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I'll new to any forums, so I'm hoping I am posting this correctly. I'm 14 and thinking about dancing professionally. I take 4.5 hours per week (which is all that is offered at my dance studio). My mom drives me an hour and half to the city to do a partnering class (one hour every week). I also take tap, industry dance(almost like gymnastics) and ballroom. There are no other classes at my level. There are no high school boys. I'm at the top in my state. I have gone to summer intensives out of state and plan to go to CPYB this summer. Any suggestions for me since I am limited by availability and geography?

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Welcome alaskandancer to Ballet Talk for Dancers! Take a look around a bit to see all that BT4D has to offer. You might find some interesting information to help you with your question. If residency is an option for your family, this might be something to consider.

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