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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Thanks. I will. My mom has talked to me about residency programs, but tells me I need to be a little older. But it is kind of lonely being essential the only guy in dance

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Alaskandancer, I looked up schools in your area and there appears to be one classical academy which looks like it should have a pretty strong program. The photos also show one young male dancer who looks very talented. Are you familiar with the school I am talking about? Are you by any chance the young man I saw in the photos? (You do not need to name your school here, but if you would like to contact me privately you can write to Contact Us.)

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My studio only offers 5 technique classes and 2 pointe classes and 2 floor bar classes a week for my level (I'm 16, but since I started late it is mostly 14 year olds). I take 2-3 extra lower-level technique classes a week and sometimes take them en pointe. Is this enough or should I be doing more?

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So, I've just turned 14..this is my class schedule. In September it will be 2 and a half hours a day, 4 days a week...


3 days a week: 2.5 hours ballet

1 day a week: 1 hour jazz.


This seems really small to me, but it's Milwaukee Ballet School...

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gdancer, you said 4 days a week, 2.5 hours, but then only listed 3 days with 2.5 hours. Do you also have ballet tech. on the day you have jazz?


Dancer576, I'm sorry we missed your post. It sounds like you are doing okay for someone who started late and is still evidently at an Int. level. Taking the lower level classes is a plus. Floor barre (note spelling) classes are also helpful.

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For most of the year I take 4 1.5 hour tech. classes and 2 45 min. pointe classes plus center of one tech. class on pointe per week. I also take 45 min. of contemporary a week. On top of this I have anywhere from 0-10 hours of rehearsal. From mid March through June I am able to add another tech. class. I am 16 really want more training, but this school is close to home and doesn't cost too much (at least in transportation...)

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In September I will have 4 days a week, 2 hours and 30 minutes a day..1 hour is pointe. The schedule I detailed is my current one..:-)

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Balletpassion, at 16, if you are aiming for a career in ballet, you need more training. However, I have some concern about the problems you have had with the kneecap. That is a serious problem, and one that you need to deal with sooner rather than later.

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We found that I have scoliosis which was causing my muscles not to work properly. I have been seeing a chiropractor and took some time off befor starting PT exercises to engage those muscles. They have both deemed me ready to come back and I eased back into ballet over the last few weeks. Right now I am doing almost everything, but I'm still holding back a little. I would like a career in ballet and have been considering a bigger school 45 min away but I don't have the money necessary for a car, insurance, and gas. Every dancing moment is precious :)

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Update:just got next years schedule and here it is.

Monday: 90 minute technique, 90 minute lower level technique en pointe, 60 minute jazz class

Tuesday: 90 minute technique, 60 minute pointe, 60 minute jazz class

Wednesday: 45 minute floor barre, 90 minute technique, 90 minute lower level technique en pointe, 60 minute teacher's assistant

Thursday: 90 minute technique, 60 minute pointe

Friday: 45 minute floor barre, 90 minute technique that can be taken en pointe, 45 minute lower level jazz class (I miss the first 15 minutes because it overlaps with technique, which is why it is only 45)

Saturday: 120 minute modern

Note: I will also be doing private pilates apparatus work once a week and hopefully one 60 minute private each week.

I will also sometimes have rehearsals Tuesday-Saturday nights.

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It looks to me like it could be too much, especially with rehearsals every night but one. I know you are trying to catch up, but too much will just put you in jeopardy in terms of injury. Ballet is a long and slow process, and there is really no way to get from point A to point Z instantly. Yes, daily classes, 6 days a week. Fine. But I think you could be pushing things with that schedule. Are you in school or home schooled?

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Rehearsals are usually just one or two of those days when shows are coming up however. And I'm in regular school. I could drop one jazz class and one lower level class.

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Well, you know your strength better than I do, but it just sounds like a lot for someone still in school. I think you could drop those two classes. Try to do it on the days that are the longest/hardest for you.

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Hi, I was just wondering if my schedule is ok for a 13 year old, here it is:

Monday: 90 minutes jazz and then 90 minutes ballet

Wednesday: 90 minutes ballet

Friday: 90 minutes ballet then 90 minutes character

Saturday: 90 minutes ballet then 90 minutes pointe then 90 minutes rehearsal

All in all thats 12 hours of dance a week


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