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AM I taking enough ballet?


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I did 14 hours last year not including rehearsals on the weekends but now I am taking a summer intensive and that is 5 days a week for like 6 hours each day. Well that's why they call it intensive! :D

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Hi! I'm attending a new studio this fall...is the schedule decent?


Monday: Technique 4:15-5:45 / Pointe 5:45-6:30

Tuesday: Technique 7:30-9:00

Wednesday: Technique 4:15-5:45 / Pointe 5:45-6:30

Thursday: Technique 7:30-9:00

Friday: Technique 4:15-5:45 / Pointe 5:45-6:30

Saturday: Technique 1:00-2:30 / Pas de Deux 2:30-3:30


I could also take class Sunday morning...is this enough? I don't know about rehearsals yet.

Just for future reference, I'm 14.

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That is excellent, and please do not take class on Sunday! The body needs a day of rest each week, except for the push comes to shove time for performances!

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I saw that everyone has posted schedules in the past and i decided to do so myself...Am I taking enough classes? (please keep in mind I am unsure what root I am going to take as a professional dancer).



Ballet 5:15-6:30

Tap 6:30-7:45

Jazz 7:45-9:00



Modern 5:30-6:30



Musical Theatre 5:45-6:45

Ballet 6:45-7:45

Contemporary 7:45-8:45


Thurs. Technique 6:15-7:15

Lyrical 7:15-8:15

Hip-Hop 8:15-9:15



Ballet 5:30-7:00

Pointe 7:00-7:45



Company 12:20-2:30

Acro 2:30-3:30

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Well, we usually evaluate schedules in terms of goals as a professional ballet dancer. I really cannot comment on your schedule except to say that I hope you don't decide that it will be classical ballet. The other things might be possible, but ballet needs a lot more training than that.

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Honestly after I saw First Position documentry I pretty much fugired that I couldnt be a ballet dancer, so I think I might be a jazz dancer or modern or something up that ally.

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Okay, but I just wonder why you think you can't be a ballet dancer?


Anyway, if you are not aiming for that, it sounds like you are getting a lot of dance in a lot of forms, so I hope that you will be able to get enough of all of them to be able to choose your direction at some point.


Please remember to use your capitalization key when typing. The use of "i" is not acceptable here.

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I've been reading a lot on this forum, and noticed that people were posting their schedules, so I thought I would too, to see how mine compares:


Monday - 1.5 hours ballet

- 1.5 hours modern (drop-in)


Tuesday - 2 hours private ballet (preparing for RAD Advanced 1 exam and RAD 8)


Wednesday - 2 hours private ballet


Thursday - 1.5 hours ballet (includes pointe. Last 20 minutes are fore pas de deux)

- possible 1.5 hours modern (drop in)

- possible 1.5 hours ballet (drop in)


Friday - 2 hours private ballet


Saturday - 1 h 15 minutes ballet (includes pointe)

- 45 minutes rehearsal (historical court/folk dances)

- 1.5 hours ballet

(Saturday's schedule is very flexible-I may end up dropping one ballet class and/or adding in a modern class, as I would like to learn more contemporary styles-I hardly know any)


Not including the drop-in classes, I attend 2 different studios (one of them is very small, very new and has a lot of little kid classes, so they can't offer me enough class time to go there exclusively. I have trained with the director's mother for very many years so I take privates with her there, as I am now the only girl at that level.)


I am 15 years old and seriously hoping to become a professional ballet dancer (though not set on joining a major company like ABT--smaller is fine too). Next year I would like to be accepted to a pre-professional school affiliated with a company, as I wasn't accepted to any this year. :-(

Is this schedule enough for me to improve a lot this year and put me closer toward my goal? It's possible for me to add in more drop-in classes (including ballet)...

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Ballet.bunny, I really don't know because this schedule is just so very different, and I have no idea of knowing the quality of the training. I am not a proponent of private lessons unless they are for coaching for specific roles or problems. At 15, I would prefer to see you in a school where you have a minimum of 2 to 2.5 hours of ballet and pointe per day, at least 5, preferably 6 days a week. Any other forms of dance would be in addition to these hours. A ninety minute technique class every day is necessary, and extra time for pointe at least 3 or 4 times per week would be minimal. With privates and RAD in there, I just have no way of evaluating this schedule.

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Ok, thanks Miss Leigh. This schedule is very different--right now things are just so very complicated. I take privates because the only other girl at my level dropped out, so I've simply continued those classes by myself :( I have to go multiple places to get enough hours in... :/ Thank you for your input :) I hope next year to be in the situation you've described above, and taking all my classes and a single studio, but this year that just didn't happen. I was accepted to Boston Ballet's SDP this year and hope to go again next year and audition for the year-round program--most people they ended up accepting were 16 and above.

I'll edit some things and see if it helps make anything clearer-I reread my schedule and it was a little confusing to read

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Ms Leigh,

Im 15 and take up to 27.45 hours of ballet a week. But if I take off the 6 hour youth company rehearsal time it is only 21.45 hours a week. But none of that includes Pas de Deux, and i know that i am very behind in pas de deux compared to the others at my school. 2 hours of pas de deux is added for year 11 as well as dropping all but three academic classes and adding more ballet classes and technique classes as well as stage craft for next year. Do you think that 2 hours a week of pas de deux class next year will be enough for me to work on catching up to the other full-timer ballet girls?


Thank you for your time

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