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AM I taking enough ballet?


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I take 12.5 hours of dance classes per week including variations/repertoire, pointe, technique, jazz, and, modern. In addition I do yoga once a week and for the time being PT twice a week (which I basically Pilates exercises for an hour). I'm getting myself in a frenzy because there are no other school in my area with about 45 minutes to an hour that give me any more dancing than this one, and I know that this studio has very good quality training.


I'm fourteen years old and have asked a question like this before on another thread, but I'm constantly freaking myself out about it! Next year I will probably be doing between 14.5 hours and 16 hours per week. Is this enough?

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I believe your question has already been answered on the other thread, xdancenerdx.

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Yes, but I was wondering since now I have a different schedule, if that changes anything.

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Yes, it's better than what you described before, but I can't really say how good it is without knowing how it breaks down. Ballet technique how many days, how long are the classes? Pointe, including variations/repertoire, how many days and how long?

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Monday: 45 min barre, 45 partnering. 1 hour jazz, 1 hour modern


Tuesday: 1.5 hr tech, 1 hour pointe, 1.5 hour tech of another level


Wednesday: Physical therapy and yoga, but no dancing


Thursday: 1 hour pointe (not optimal, I know, but I'm not advanced enough for the technique before it. I give myself a good warm-up though), then 2 hours rehearsal


Friday: 1.5 hour tech, 45 min barre of another level, 45 min variations/pointe/repertoire


Saturday: Company warm-up, then 2 hours rehearsal


That adds up to about 12 hours to 12.5 hours class time.


I really wish I were advanced enough for the Thursday technique, because it's very challenging and includes a lot of difficult things in it, but I'm not yet. :(

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As I said, it's better than before, but it's not a schedule that I really like very much. Technically there are only two complete technique classes, plus the one that is another level on the same day. So, that is only 2 days of a complete technique class. Barre then partnering? Pointe with no technique first? I'm sorry, but while there are a number of hours there, I don't feel that the hours are well organized in terms of what you need most.

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I'm just feeling really discouraged because it's honestly the best I can do.

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I understand Tatiana, and it will be okay for this year. But I still think that you need to look into another school, possibly a residence program, for next year.

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I want to, and the other pre-pro school that I auditioned for seemed to think I was pretty well advanced, but I figured I would end up sacrificing a lot of classes because of the driving. :(.

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May I post a schedule? I'm 14




Pilates or Yoga-5:30-6:30














Technique 9:30-11:00

**Sometimes this teacher likes to surprise us by giving this class en pointe. :rolleyes:

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It's not bad, gavotte. I would like to see a bit more pointe. Do you also have rehearsals, and any other classes, like jazz or modern? By next year anyway I would hope to see 6 days a week, with more pointe classes and maybe another dance form or two.

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There are rehearsals for our Knickerbocker Suite (our version of the Nutcracker) and our Winter-Spring Workshop. The next level (which hopefully will be next year?) will have contemporary, variations, partnering, and classes en pointe when variations and PDD aren't coming after technique

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Is it alright to add 2 hours of mixed contemporary dance to my schedule? I posted my ballet schedule earlier.


It is an excellent dance workshop offered at my high school, and I'm really excited about it. It teaches a mix of jazz, modern, and contemporary ballet. Basically, a bit of everything. I had to audition to get in, and i placed in one of the higher levels. :D But I might have to miss a couple classes of ballet classes when we near performance time in January :o (most likely my Tuesday ballet in January and the Friday/Saturday of show weekend) Is this highly not recommended?

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