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AM I taking enough ballet?


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A thought occurs to me: Does your school offer an Intermediate Foundation class? Or even Intermediate? (the former is non-essential in the RAD curriculum) If so, are they on different days from your grade 5 classes? They would help you get the stamina you need to go on to a vocational track, which you'll have to do anyway, because there is no grade 6 for boys!

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Splendid! I'm glad you'll look into it. Not having seen you for two days, I feared that we had lost you, and that would be the LAST thing I'd want. As in a ballet school, a teenage male dancer is a valuable commodity on a discussion board, not that we don't value our adult male population, too!

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Is 16 hours a week adequate for a 15-year-old and a freshman in high school who wants to pursue a career in ballet? if i don't have a pointe class then i always take my technique class en pointe.

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It should be OK. It depends how it's distributed. Is any of that rehearsal? If so, it doesn't count as much as classtime.

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It's 2.5 hrs. mon- fri. and on saturdays it is 2hr. tech. 1 hr. pointe 1hr pilates and 1 hr. rep.


I like this year's schedule much better than last year, it was over kill for how old I was then.

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