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AM I taking enough ballet?


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It is fine, but be sure that you talk to your teacher or school director first, as you will be missing some classes in January.

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I only take 4 1/2 hours a week and I hope to be a proffessional... in my opinion you should be fine, If you work really hard you can go places. I hope to step up my hours next year but for now thats all, guess it can't be helped.

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I take 10.5 hours a week of ballet/pointe, as well as some other types of dance and rehearsals. I'm 14, almost fifteen. Is this enough? I just started at the beginning of this February.

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Wait- you just started taking ballet class less than 1 year ago, and you're en pointe already?

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I do 4 1/2 hours of classes every week along with probably about 5 hours of rehearsals...and Im not trying to be pro, just do it for fun & to stay in shape....and i love it :) I think 11 hours sounds like a lot! But I guess I'm wrong..?

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No, not wrong if you are not aiming for a career in ballet. :) But for teens who aiming for a career, 11 hours would be minimal, and that is for younger teens. Older teens would be dancing a lot more than that, and there would be quite a bit more class time than rehearsal time.

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Hello I would like some feedback on the amount of dance I do:)

Here is a basic schedule. I am 14 years old and am homeschooled so my schedule is very flexible if I need more classes.


I have an optional 1 hour contemporary

11/2 hour ballet technique.


Two 1 1/2 hour technique classes which on occasion our teacher says to put your pointe shoes on. And if we ask he is eager to let us


1 1/2 hour contemporary class

1 hour pointe class


1 1/2 hour ballet technique.

1 hour jazz class


1 1/2 hour ballet class

1 hour ballroom class



This is as much as I can take ballet wise at this school. My level only has 3 classes a week. Which I knew wouldn't be enough. So I take the level below mine. And I take a drop in open class on Tuesday morning and soon it will be on thursday as well. The thing is that this is the best school in the area. I live in a small town. However I do live within a few hours of Pacific Northwest Ballet. And Oregon ballet theatre. Which I would adore to go to either. I am also curious if anyone has had anything to do with either of these schools, but Im guessing that's on another thread ;) so feedback please?

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Hello Abbylovestodance,

If you are serious about having a professional career in dance, you will likely need to get to one of the schools you mentioned. As you said, your school has some things going for it, but it is not currently offering you the right amount of classes at your level, and that needs to be addressed.


I am also concerned with a school where a ballet technique class is not automatically given prior to the pointe class.


Check out this sticky for more information:


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Thank you so much for quick reply! Are there any threads on here for those schools? And maybe one on their audition process. I am also very interested in SAB which is a bit of a long stretch but will be at least worth a shot. :)

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Yes! We have threads on all 3 schools. Scroll down the main page until you get to "Pre-Professional Schools/Residency Programs". All schools are listed alphabetically. Happy reading!

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KrystaMarie, I would assume that you are taking all that you can take at this point in time, after less than a year of training. However, I would question the quality of the training. People are simply not properly prepared for pointe work after only a few months of training. I'm sure you are strong from the gymnastics, and probably quite flexible as well, however, gymnastics training does not prepare one for the level of ballet required to be working on pointe. Is your studio a competition school?

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I am taking basically as much as I can. As far as the quality, they are great, I assure you. One has had dancers go on to Joffrey, PNB, etc. One studio is and one isn't, but I am not doing any competitions, no.

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