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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Are you taking at two studios in order to get more classes in ballet? Or are you taking other forms of dance only at the competition school?

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Okay. Tell me about the difference in the classes at the two schools. And which school put you on pointe?

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Okay. School 1 is where I started. My teachers are a couple who met in a company together and danced with the teachers I take from at the other studio (who were principals with the company). My schedule at studio 1 is this:

Monday -

1 hr of homeschool ballet

1 hr of a low level ballet class because we have no class at the time.

30 min of pointe/stretch/etc.

1 hr ballet

1 hr jazz



1.5 hr ballet

1 hr tap



30 min Pilates

1 hr ballet (on pointe)

1 hr modern

1.5 hr company


And at the other studio (where I just got done with nutcracker):


1.5 hr advanced ballet



1.5 hr ballet

1 hr pointe


Studio 1 is significantly smaller than studio 2, and doesn't really have a good pointe program because only myself and one other girl are up.

Sorry, really long post.


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Well, that helps a bit, but still did not answer my questions. Did the smaller school put you on pointe? And what are the levels of ballet? You only mentioned one class with a level attached, and that is the advanced at School 2. If that is the ballet school, and School 1 is the competition school, Why do you only have two classes at School 2 and how can one of them be the advanced class when you only take 2 classes there?

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Smaller school put me on pointe, yes. The levels there are based on age because there are so few dancers there. School 2 is the competition school, but I can't go there as often because it is farther away. Both days are advanced when I go to school 2.

Did that answer your questions?

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Hmmm....So the smaller school is the ballet school. I am surprised to hear that. I'm not really liking the sound of either program, and especially not being leveled by age. Are there any other schools you can get to? How far are you from a major city?

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I am pretty far... I really like both schools I'm in, but one is obviously a lot better than the other, I might drop a couple classes at school 1 and pick up more at 2. Do you think I'm getting enough hours though?

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It's really more about both the quantity and the quality......


Have you read this yet? http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=54924

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Am I getting enough ballet? I work really hard, and want to be a professional dancer some day, but I am 14 and I'm only getting about 10 hours of ballet a week including pointe. I want nothing but to improve, and work, but I think I'm missing about 4-5 hours of dance a week. I have ballet on: Tuesday, Wednesday, two ballet classes on Thursday, and one on saturday. Our classes are a lot of times combined levels, and I feel like we're not getting the indivualized attention we need. Help!

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How long is each class? Do you have pointework separately after ballet classes?

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Each ballet class is an hour and 30 minutes. We have pointe separate from ballet class and its 45 minutes long

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So good, the class length times are quite right for your age group:

Age 14/15- at least 5-6 ballet-only classes of at least 1.5-1.75 hours each, immediately followed by pointework classes at least 4 times per week. other dance genres appropriate for these levels are: Character, Jazz, Modern, Ballroom, Rep and Variations, Pilates or Floor barre/other exercise


However, it might be best if your schedule could be more evenly distributed, like rather than 2 classes in one day, having just one but adding a ballet class of the proper level to another day. Your comment about the mixed levels is a bit concerning. Are there any other training options in your area?

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The next closest serious ballet school is an hour and 45 minutes away from my house (we already drive a hour to my current studio) and we've tried to set up an evaluation with the studio, but they are really bad with communication and we havn't heard from them, we had tried to set this up in the summer. I next thing to so would be a residential studio..?

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