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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Thank you for your advice Ms. Leigh!

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It's really good for the 4 days, but you need another day, or even two. At least by next year you should be dancing 6 days a week.

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Would you mind looking at my schedule? I am a pretty late starter (I started ballet at age 11) and now am 13 about to turn 14. I only began pointe work this past summer. However, I still aspire to dance professionally. The classes below are ones I take outside of school, but 3 times per week, I have 45 minute classes in school for fine arts credit. They are very basic so they don't count much.


Monday- Technique/Pointe (1.25 hr) and Modern (1 hr)

Tuesday- Technique/Pointe (1.5 hr)

Wednesday- Technique (1.25 hr) and Jazz (1 hr)

Thursday- Technique/Pointe (1.5 hr)

Saturday- Technique (1.5 hr)


At this point, I am only really dancing 10 hours a week; this is all my studio offers. I know it would be in my best interests to switch studios, but the pre-pro school in my area hasn't accepted me (because of my late start), and all others are too far away.


Thank you for your help!!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, ballerinakat. :)


I think you know that your schedule is not quite sufficient, but, since there is nothing you can do about it right now, there is really nothing we can say to help except maybe just keep working and try to get to the level where you can be accepted at the pre-pro school. Combining technique and pointe into one a quarter and one and a half hours is just not good enough for either technique or pointe. But since you have to stay there, make the best of it and really work hard, and keep trying to make the move to a better school.

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I think I am at the maximum dancing hours possible at my studio, but what do you think? Is it enough? I am 15 years old and am aiming at a professional career.

Monday - 1.5 hrs ballet, 1.5 hrs snow/flower rehearsal

Tuesday - 1.5 hrs ballet, 1 hr pointe, 1.25 hrs modern

Wednesday - 45 min solo YAGP rehearsal, 1.5 hrs ballet, 1 hr pointe

Thursday - 1.5 hrs ballet, 1 hr jazz, 30 min arabian rehearsal

Friday - 45 min solo YAGP rehearsal, 1.5 hrs ballet, 1 hr pointe

Saturday - 1.5 hrs ballet, 1.25 hr snow/flower rehearsal, 1.5 hr arabian/act 2 rehearsal, 1.5 hr party scene rehearsal

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It's okay, but I hope that you have enough warm up time before those YAGP rehearsals. I would like to see one additional pointe class in there somewhere, but there are a lot of rehearsals.

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Hi Ms. Leigh, I wrote on the previous page about my schedule, I had to change some things though because of my piano lesson time. Is it still ok?

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Hi, I have previously posted here, however I will be moving schools in 2014 and the timetable will be


Monday 4.30-6.00 Ballet RAD Intermediate Syllabus & Open
Wednesday 4.30-6.00 Senior Contemporary Dance
Thursday 4.00-5.30 Ballet RAD Intermediate Syllabus & Open
Thursday 5.30-7.30 Pilates/Limber including Senior Lyrical
Saturday 12.30-2.00 Ballet RAD Intermediate Syllabus & Open
Saturday 2.15-3.30 National Dance
Does this sound alright for a 14 turning 15 (in May) year old?
Thanks :)
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Moostachiojoe, I think that they do things very differently in your country than we do here in the US. I would say it is not nearly enough ballet. And there are no pointe classes. Are the schools perhaps only trying to prepare you to go to a professional school for further training when you are a little bit older? I'm not quite sure how that works, but if you hope to dance professionally you will eventually need to get somewhere where you will have far more training. Three days of ballet a week is not very much.


How do they do the RAD and Open in one class? And where are the pointe classes?

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Yes they do do things very differently here. This school would be one of the best ones in my area I think (I can give you the name privately if you would like) and has a very good reputation and has had many professionals graduate in the past. I have no idea how they run the classes as I have not yet taken a class there, however it sounds much better than where I am currently at. I am going to audition for the VCASS next year for 2015 and if I am successful, the training would be much better. I will keep looking for more places then, do you have any suggestions? Thanks :)

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I am not familiar with the schools in your country, Moostachiojoe, but it sounds like the VCASS is something to aim for. In the meantime do as much as you can with the training available. :)

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