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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Looking at all of these schedules, I seirously doubt I'm getting enought dance time in for a 13 year old at only 5.5 house a week. A neighboring studio offers classes on other days, should I take advantage of these?

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Does not sound like a lot, but tell me how many of the 5.5. hours are ballet and pointe? Break down your schedule for me. Also, do you know anything about the quality of the training at the other studio?

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6:30-8 Ballet Technique


6-7 Pointe

7-8 Modern


6-7:35 Ballet Technique

7:35-8:05 Pointe Variations

I aslo have Nutchracker Rehersals on Saturdays (sometimes Friday's and Wednesday), but I'm not including that.


The other studio has classes on Saturdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The teachers are post professionals (I think), but the levels are what bug me. The intermediate dancers aren't very stong en pointe, and the advanced dancers are 17-20 years old. I fit into neither of these categoiries (en pointe for 3 years, but 4 years younger than the advanced dancers). The other problem, is that this studio is my studios rival... Thanks for the feedback, and I appreciate your information!

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The problem is that you only have two ballet technique classes. What is with the one hour pointe class that has no technique class first? That is not good. You should be having a minimum of 3 technique classes, and two pointe. Four technique classes would be better.


The only way you should attend any outside classes is with the permission of your studio Artistic or School Director. Have you talked to your own school about more classes, even if at slightly different levels? The Intermediate class at the other school should be the best option, but I would only do that if you talk to your own teacher or director first. At 13, even if you are stronger than some in the Int. level there, you are not yet an advanced level with the low number of classes you have.

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Thaks so much for your advice. I will review the other shcool's schedule, and try to get more classes into my schedule.

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Sorry for another schedule question........


I'm 14 turning 15 in September and have been on pointe since I was 12 and am currently working at Advanced 1 in the BBO syllabus


Monday: Technique 2 to 3:30


Tuesday: 2 to 3:30 Technique

4:30 to 6 Pointe

6 to 7:30 Syllabus


Wednesday: 2 till 3:30 technique

3:30 to 4:30 Pointe


Thursdays: Pilates


Friday: 2 to 3 private (to work on some alignment issues)

3:30 to 5 Syllabus

5 to 6:30 Pointe

6:30 till 8 contemporary


Saturday 9 to 10:30 technique

10:30 till 12 Pointe



As we get closer to our show there will be rehearsals added in on top on these classes as well as more syllabus classes when we are nearer sitting our exam


Is this ok or should I think about adding in some lower level classes as well?




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Monbro13, it's okay. You have 5 days with technique and 4 with pointe, plus some extras and a private. Ultimately, 6 days might be better, but for now you are fine.

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Balletmom1997, I had to remove your post because this is a Young Dancer forum. Please feel free to post your question on a Parent forum. :)

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I recently (in January) switched from a small competition studio to a very well-known pre-professional academy. I started ballet late (when I was 11), went on pointe last summer, and now am 14 (I turned 14 in January). I'm one of the older ones in my level, Level 5 (out of 8 and a 2nd company), so I am really hoping to move up to level 6 next year.


Monday: Technique/Pointe- 2.5 hours

Tuesday: Mat Class- .5 hours; Technique/Pointe- 2 hours

Wednesday: Technique- 1.5 hours (makeup class in lower level for missed classes)

Thursday: Technique/Pointe- 2 hours

Friday: off

Saturday: Technique- 1.5 hours; Character- 1 hour; Jazz- 1 hour; Modern- 1 hour


If I moved up to Level 6, I would have a 2.5 hour technique/pointe class on Wednesday (in place of the makeup class) and a rotating variations class. Right now, I'm dancing around 12-13 hours a week (I usually go to the makeup class) and I don't think that's enough for my age.


What do you think? Thanks!! :)

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I think it looks okay for now, based on the fact that you are still relatively new on pointe and started a bit late. Sounds like you are doing very well. Next year is not that far away! :)

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Hi would you mind taking a look at my schedule?

I'm turning 15 this year and want to have a career in ballet, and I'm wondering if this is enough :)



1.5 hr Contemporary

1.5 hr Ballet Technique

1.5 hr Pointe



1.5 or 2 hr Ballet Technique

1.5 hr Contemporary Rehearsal



1.5 or 2 hr Ballet Technique (including pointe)

1 hr Ballet Technique (later in the day)



1.5 hr Contemporary

1.5 hr Ballet Technique

1.5 hr Ballet Technique (later in the day)



2 hr Ballet Rehearsal

1.5 hr Contemporary Rehearsal



1.5 hr Ballet Technique (including pointe)

1 hr Ballet Rehearsal



1 hr Jazz Rehearsal

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Nataliedancer, your schedule is a bit different. You seem to have a lot of technique classes, but only one dedicated pointe class. I would like to see more pointe instead of a second technique class on some days. You are also scheduled 7 days a week. We do not feel that is a good thing. The body needs to rest at least one day a week. You have two days that are only rehearsals. Is there a warm up class prior to those rehearsals?

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I would love to have more pointe classes, but regretfully, where I live the dance scene isn't that well developed and my studio as well as other studios in my country do not offer any extra specialized pointe classes outside of what is taught in the syllabus classes. The 1.5 hr pointe class is actually half an hour at my school (I attend my local arts school and thus have no option of extra pointe lessons :( )and then an hour at my studio which is a class to strengthen us for competitions. And yes the warmups are included in the rehearsal times and the jazz rehearsal on Sunday is quite a slow paced and relaxed on (for now) so I still do feel sufficiently rested :)

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