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AM I taking enough ballet?


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You mean that almost all of the scheduled technique classes run 2.5 hours??? No pointe, variations, pas? Seriously? I mean, when I have a 3 hour block, I might run the tech over a few minutes, but they will still have at least 45 minutes of pointe.


Ballerinakat, it looks, at least on paper, like a very good schedule to me.

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Yes, 2.5 hours of an extremely slow technique class and by slow, I mean lots of breaks. Usually, we only did variations on pointe only once a week and then sporadically did a technique class on pointe throughout the year.

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We would get breaks in between combos or before moving to center, etc. It really would vary per class. Also, the instructor would leave for periods of time or be on the phone during the class.

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This does not sound anything like a pre-pro school, and certainly not the one I think is being discussed here.

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There are excellent instructors at this institution but there is one specifically that exhibits this behavior which is shocking to me.

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I would take that matter up with the School Director then. And please don't make it sound like the situation you described is policy at that school, since it happens to be just one person.

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Ms. Leigh,


Thank you for your help! The school is very much so pre-pro.




Is there any way that I could contact you, please? I attended this school last year and although we did run over often, we had 45 minutes of pointe usually, and the instructors were absolutely not exhibiting any of the behavior that you talked about.

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Since you attend the school, you could easily ask around how the classes were during the past year for this particular level.

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I meant contact you in particular. Would you tell me what you think the initials are of the teacher for this particular level?

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Sorry about that, dancemaven. :blush: \


Just trying to find out if we actually DO attend the same school.

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We prefer that the young dancers, especially, keep some cyber-anonymity and keep their 'real' identities less visible, for their own protection and to provide them a place to ask questions without worrying about others. :thumbsup:

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I absolutely understand. :happy:

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